Best Yamaha FZ Motorcycles to Buy in the USA

Yamaha motorcycles are the most popular motorcycles in this era. You have varieties of Yamaha motorcycle models that start from the price of $2,802 for Yamaha FZ-FI Version 3.0 and go up to $2,230 for R15 V4. 

Yamaha motorcycles  are categorized as scooters, sports motorcycles, cruiser motorcycles, commuter motorcycles, electric motorcycles, mileage motorcycles, and more. You have varieties of models of Yamaha motorcycles, including the Yamaha mt-15 version, Yamaha r 15s, Yamaha FZ motorcycles, and more. Yamaha FZ bikes are the best model under its flagship, offering the latest models at the best price.

If you are searching for the best Yamaha motorcycles to buy, then this article is best for you. Here we will discuss the important features and functions of all the best Yamaha Fz motorcycle models which will really surprise you.

Top Best Yamaha FZ Motorcycles To Buy in the USA

1] Yamaha FZ1

The Yamaha FZ1 is another naked motorcycle made by Yamaha Motor Company in Japan. It had a large fuel tank with an 18-liter capacity. The engine consists of 998.00 CC with liquid cooled 4 strokes, DOHC, and 5 valves. The Yamaha FZ1 top speed is 272 KM/h and the mileage of the Yamaha FZ1 motorcycle is 14.88 KM per liter.

2] Yamaha FZ FI

Yamaha FZ FI is also one of the best-selling motorcycles in the 150 cc motorcycle segment, priced at Rs 1.04 lakh. The mileage of this 149 cc motorcycle is 45 KM/L. This motorcycle of Yamaha is very popular among the youth and its look is also great. The mileage of this Yamaha FZ F1 149 CC motorcycle is up to 45 KM/L. 

3] Yamaha FZ6

Going through Yamaha motorcycles, you will find more models like The Yamaha FZ6, also known as the FZ6 FAZER. This is a 600 CC motorcycle that was introduced by Yamaha in 2004 as a middleweight naked motorcycle built around the 2003 YZF-R6 engine. The specifications are-

  • The seat height of the Yamaha FZ6 is 790 MM (31.1 in).
  • The engine of the Yamaha FZ6 motorcycle is 600 CC (37 cu in), liquid-cooled, DOHC with 4 cylinders and 4 valves.
  • The fuel capacity of the new Yamaha FZ 6 motorcycle is 19.4 L.
  • The vehicle’s weight is around 215 KG.

4] Yamaha FZ 07

Yamaha FZ 07 is considered the middleweight motorcycle by the Yamaha company.

  • The new Yamaha FZ 07 motorcycle engine comprises 689 CC with 3 cylinder engine producing 73.8 BHP at 9000 RPM and 68 Nm at 6500 RPM.
  • The top speed of Yamaha FZ07 is 214 KM/L, while it measures 179 kg with a full tank.
  • 282 MM disc brakes are one of the best features of this bike.
  • The Yamaha FZ 07 price is 1,256.85 USD.

5] Yamaha FZ 09

Yamaha FZ 09 is another best model as a naked two-wheeler motorcycle by Yamaha. 

  • The engine of the Yamaha FZ 09 motorcycle comprises 847 CC that produces a maximum power of 113.4 Bhp @ 10000 RPM and torque of 87.5 Nm @ 8500 RPM.
  • Yamaha FZ 09 consists of 6 gears control.
  • The Yamaha FZ 09 price is around 13,825.77 United States dollars.
  • The curb weight of the Yamaha FZ 9 motorcycle is 188 KG with a fuel capacity of 14 liters.
  • The top speed for Yamaha FZ-09 claims 225 KMph.

6] Yamaha FZ 25

The Yamaha FZ 25 is a 249CC motorcycle, where the emission type is a BS6 engine with a mileage of 50.33 KM/L. The maximum power of the Yamaha fz25 is 20.8 PS at 8000 rpm whereas the maximum torque is 20.1 Nm at 6000 rpm. It has five gear boxes and a dual ABS channel with a tubeless tire. 

The fuel type is petrol and the maximum fuel tank capacity of the Yamaha motorcycle FZ25 is 14 liters. The ex-showroom Yamaha FZ 25 motorcycle price is $1,809.13.

You can explore other Yamaha motorcycles too in the market like Yamaha FZ8, R15 V4, MT 15 V2, FZ S FI, and more.


At the end of this article, you know about various motorcycles of the Yamaha company. Although, you have alternatives to these Yamaha FZ motorcycles, which have the same features and specifications. But, it may vary with price, models, or colors. So, go wisely to purchase the best two-wheeler for the ultimate riding experience.

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