How To Buy A New Bike – A Complete Guide for Beginners

How To Buy A New Bike - A Complete Guide for Beginners

Purchasing the first bike is a special feeling for every individual. It is the sign of independence and freedom that everyone wants to achieve one day. But not everyone knows what things to keep in mind while buying a new bike. If you are also a beginner and planning to Buy A New Bike, and we have described everything in details. This bike buying guide includes the steps to choose the bike type, understand your requirement, take care of budget, find the best company to finance, insurance process, and significantly more.

But before that, let’s know about the two-wheeler market around the world.

Countries like India, Bangladesh, United States Of America, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Philippines, and United Arab Emirates are the major countries that use motorbikes in an excessive amount. Among them, India is the biggest market for two-wheeler vehicles sharing about 88.62 percent shares in the world.

The major two-wheeler players in India are Hero MotoCorp, HMSI, TVS, and Bajaj, which is currently ruling the world. Moreover, India is the biggest exporter of two-wheeler vehicles in the world, and again Hero MotoCorp is the leading brand in this field. America is known for its cruiser bikes, namely,  Harley Davidson, which is the king of heavy and powerful bikes and the first choice for the riders who love to travel.

A Complete Guide To Buy A New Bike 2022

What Is Your Purpose To Own A Bike?

If you want to purchase a bike, then keep in mind for what purpose you want to buy it. For example, if you are an employee and want to buy a bike for office use, then you have to look for a bike that is flexible for daily use. Different bikes have their motive for riding, and we have some of the bikes types according to their use.

Types Of Bikes/ Two-Wheelers

Commuter Bikes

Commuter bikes or lightweight bikes are popularly used by common people in many parts of the world. These bikes are commonly used in both rural and urban areas because of their efficiency and low cost. These bikes have a higher handle with better control on the bike and generally comes with 90cc to 180cc engine capacity that produces the average power to run the bike.


Scooters are less powerful than normal bikes with no gear transmission. They are meant to travel a short distance with a lower speed limit. Due to low speed and small engine the fuel consumption is also less. It is the ideal bike for cities and for females too because of its lightweight. These are stylish in look and start with a 50cc engine capacity.

Cruisers Bike

Cruisers are specially designed for traveling long distances with comfortable seating and higher handles. Riding a cruiser bike is like sitting on a sofa because you need comfort while traveling a long distance. They are heavy, large, and very powerful, loaded with all the equipment like windscreens, heated seats, GPS, and more that is required for cruiser purposes.

Sports Bike
Sports Bike Buying Guide

Sports bikes are for those bike enthusiasts who love speed. These are top-end powerful bikes specially designed for racing purposes with 1000cc engine capacity. Sports bikes are not meant for beginners. Many companies are launching sports bikes between 250 CC to 500 CC for the new riders who love speed.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have recently started catching the market due to the influence of increasing pollution in the world. So, many customers prefer to buy electric bikes because they are lightweight and produce zero-emission, and are convenient to tackle the traffic.

So, these are the bike segments that you can choose according to your need and affordability. You must choose a bike that suits your personality and is best for your use.

What Is Your Budget To Buy A Bike?

There are a variety of bikes that cost thousands to lakhs and even crores. Choose a bike that fits your budget and costs low maintenance charges. It generally happens that the bike you have purchased is budget-friendly but sucks your money in maintenance. 

Apart from that, don’t forget to evaluate the resale value before buying, as you do not own a smartphone. You are going to use a bike for a minimum of 5 to 6 years and decide to sell. So it is also part of your budget so that you can get a good return after using your vehicle.

How To Choose The Best Bike Manufacturing Company Or Two-Wheeler Brand?

Once you have chosen the type of bike, you want to purchase, select the trusted company that makes the best bikes in that segment. Suppose you want a commuter bike, then Hero MotoCorp is the leading company that manufactures these types of bikes, but the company doesn’t make cruises, or else they have a bad experience in the touring bike segment. So, choose the right company for the right bike you want to own.

How To Find A Correct Model For Your Bike?

After choosing your bike and setting your budget, look for the latest model on the market of that bike. Sometimes it happens that dealers try to sell the oldest model of the bike to increase the sale. So, take deep research before going to the dealer by going through google, or there are so many experts on youtube who bring updates in this field.

How To Evaluate Bike’s Specifications?

Once you have chosen the model, it’s very necessary to check the specification of the bike. You can do this by looking at the following features:


Check the comfort of the bike according to your riding posture. If you are not comfortable with the bike, then look at another bike in the same segment. It is important because the wrong posture can harm your body and can last for a long time.


Second, check the engine capacity of the bike, and you can do so by seeing the cc of the engine. The engine with higher cc is concluded as the better bike, but fuel efficiency decreases.


Mileage is another important factor when purchasing a bike, and as fuel prices are increasing in the world due to covid and Ukraine Russian War, it has become very important to see the efficiency of the bike. So, don’t forget to measure the average of the two-wheeler that you have chosen.

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Maintenance Fee

After checking all the specifications, also calculate the maintenance of the vehicle. Try to buy a bike that has low maintenance, and the service centers are easily available.

Compare With Other Bikes In The Same Segment

Once you have finalized your choice and are ready to purchase, don’t forget to compare with other bikes for a better option. So look for other bikes in the same segment, tally them and then make a decision to finalize your choice.

Check Out The Customer Review

Check out the other customers’ reviews before going to the dealer. This will help you to pursue a quick report about the bike because you will never see the drawbacks on any websites. After all, they are there to promote the bikes. The real result will get you from the customer’s review.

How To Pursue A Bike Dealer? 

Contact the authorized dealer of the company as so many frauds happen via purchasing from the local dealers. Ask about every detail of the bike, like on-road and ex-showroom price, and about the services they provide. Sometimes the bike you have chosen is not available because of high demand.

So, the dealer offers you to book the slot by depositing some specific amount of money. Deposit the minimum amount of bugs that you can bear the loss because something happens that the amount you have deposited is not refundable due to the company policy.

Is Test Derive Necessary For Buying A Bike?

Before purchasing your dream bike, take a test drive a minimum of three times. It will help you to measure the comfort level and to test all the specifications of the bike. Take the test drive of the same model that you have chosen as the company also offers a different model. 

What Accessories Are Needed While Riding A Bike?

If you are planning to own a bike, then simply buying a bike doesn’t work. There are so many accessories that come with the bike, but there are three accessories that you have to always carry.


A helmet is a legal responsibility while riding a bike, so it’s very necessary to have a well-fitting helmet. Major accidents are caused by head and face injuries. So, these helmets will protect you from injury and provide safety while riding.


Jackets are not only for styling but a good leather jacket can protect your body when you meet with an accident. Other than that, it also protects you from cold in winters. So purchasing a good leather jacket can be a profitable option by seeing your safety.


Gloves are the things that protect from a hand injury, even from sunlight and pollution. It helps to gain a better grip on the handlebars that become slippery due to moisture. Don’t purchase gloves that are unevenly stretched, as they will easily give up when you need them to protect.

How To Finance A Bike?

It’s not possible to have your dream bike on hard cash, so we need a financier to approach your goal. Here, we have mentioned some of the points to keep in mind when you want to finance a bike that can provide you with the suitable interest that you need to pay.


There are various finance companies available in the market that offer different eligibility criteria. So, compare the eligibility of various lenders with each other and choose that suits your budget.

Loan Process

The time had gone when a finance company used to take days and even months to pass the loan. But it has become easy in today’s time as you just need proper documents like KYC and bank account statements, and the lender will approve your loan within a minute.

Loan Amount

You can purchase your bike in two ways, either by full payment or by taking a loan from a reputed finance company. Most people prefer to take a loan as it is more convenient and easy to pay.


Before taking a loan, check the interest rate of the lender and compare it with other financers. In addition, calculate the EMI you’re going to pay in the given time to save your money.

Offers And Discounts

Last but not least, ask your lender if the company is offering any discounts on special occasions or during the festive season. Lenders usually don’t inform you to sell the full package. Moreover, check the offers and discounts properly and evaluate them carefully because sometimes what happens, it may look like you are getting benefits, but in the long term, you can be fooled.

Is Insurance Needed For A Bike?

Bike Insurance Guide for Fresher

After purchasing your new two-wheeler, it is mandatory to have an Insurance policy for your bike. According to The Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle owner has to take at least third-party bike insurance. However, this insurance policy is not eligible to cover the damage whenever you meet with an accident.

So, have comprehensive bike insurance that includes all the benefits like damage cover, bike theft cover, accidental cover, and much more. So, if you want yourself and your bike safe, then take comprehensive bike insurance to cover all your needs.

Final Verdict

Purchasing a new bike has become an easy task for beginners as the process has become more simple than earlier. It may be confusing for the new rider to approach having a dream bike as there are so many options available in the market, from choosing a bike and approaching a finance company. There are so many companies that manufacture a variety of bikes according to the rider’s choice. With that context, we have provided a complete guide that you have to keep in mind while purchasing a two-wheeler vehicle.

Apart from that, if you get bored with your vehicle and want to change your bike for a better experience, then this information will help you to go with the better option.

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