Bharat NCAP Car Safety Rating System Protocols

Bharat NCAP Car Safety Rating System Protocols

Bharat NCAP car Safety is a kind of car assessment program in India. NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) is a global car assessment program to improve pedestrian protection and road fatalities. Bharat’s New Car Assessment Program (Bharat NCAP) will examine the new vehicles and give ratings as per the quality and standards of the car.

Why There Is A Need For Bharat NCAP Rating Protocols?

India holds the sixth position in the list of top 10 car markets worldwide. But due to not having any safety rating tools, India stands on the first rank out of the 10 top car markets in the world. Due to not having any standard safety scale in India, the vehicle manufacturers aren’t abiding to produce cars that can pass such tests. As a result, countless accidents are happening in India, and the number of deaths is also increasing simultaneously.

To prevent such unfortunate circumstances, the India Transport department is working to make a protocol called Bharat NCAP that can gauge the safety ratings of any vehicles that are being produced in the country.

How Does The NCAP Rating System Work?

Bharat NCAP (New Car Assessment Program for India) is a safety rating system that is taken care of by the Union Transport department in India. The NCAP rating is decided based on vehicle performance in terms of safety and protection to the driver and passengers. It includes the child lock, safety belt, AIR bags, seat belt reminders, Adult ratings, crash protection, and more things.

Top 5 Things Considered Under NCAP Ratings Defined By ARAI

  • Frontal offset testing (64 km/h proposed)
  • Side-impact testing
  • Pedestrian protection testing
  • Rear impact testing
  • Child dummy dynamic crash testing

How To Understand The NCAP Ratings?

NCAP Safety StarNCAP Ratings
5 Star SafetyOverall excellent performance in crash protection and well equipped with comprehensive and robust crash avoidance technology
4 Star SafetyOverall good performance in crash protection and all-round; additional crash avoidance technology may be present
3 Star SafetyAt least average occupant protection but not always equipped with the latest crash avoidance features
2 Star SafetyNominal crash protection but lacking crash avoidance technology
1 Star SafetyMarginal crash protection and little in the way of crash avoidance technology
0 Star SafetyMeeting type-approval standards so can legally be sold but lacking critical modern safety technology.

Consequences Of Bharat NCAP Safety Rating Protocols

Bharat NCAP Car Safety System Protocols

One side, where buyers will get the safest cars that can prevent life in case of an accident, on the flip side, due to following such Bharat NCAP protocols, the car manufacturers may increase the cost of vehicles by 8-15%.

However, after implementing the Bharat NCAP Indian vehicle safety standards with reference to the global vehicle rating standard, the buyers will get the safety features inside the car. Whereas, standard car safety ratings on India will help the car manufacturers to export the vehicles overseas producing from India.

This way, users can buy the vehicle of foreign brands from Indian manufacturers at a bit less cost. Also, the exports of vehicles to the global market from India will help to grow the Indian economy.

Top 10 NCAP Rated Cars In India 2022

There are some NCAP protocols; a vehicle must follow these protocols in order to get good ratings. Top NCAP-rated cars are given below.

Mahindra XUV300

The global NCAP rating of the Mahindra XUV 300 car is 5/5 stars. Mahindra XUV300 is one of the safest cars in India. For child occupant protection, this car got a 4-star rating. Global NCAP had given Safer Choice Award to this XUV.

Tata Altroz

The Global NCAP rating of the new TATA Altroz car is 5/5. This car is known for its visual aesthetics and Unique design. This car has excellent features. The Tata Altroz price in India is Rs.5.69 lakh (Ex-showroom). Its mileage is up to 25.11 KM/L.

Tata Nexon

The global NCAP rating of Tata Nixon is 5/5. This Tata Car scored 16.6 out of 17 in Adult occupancy. So, It got 5 out of 5 ratings. Tata Nexon Car has a 1499 CC engine, and it gives a mileage of around 21.5 KM/L. The Tata Nexon SUV Car price in India is Rs.7.09 lakh (Ex-showroom) onwards.

Mahindra Marazzo

Global NCAP rating is 4 out of 5 stars for Mahindra Marazzo car. This Mahindra car received 12.85 points out of 17 points and got 4-star ratings (adult occupancy). Mahindra Marazzo scored 22.22 out of 49 regarding child occupant safety.

Volkswagen Polo

The global NCAP rating of Volkswagen Polo car is 4 out of 5 stars. It got 4 stars in adult occupancy. Volkswagen Polo is a German car available for sale in the Indian market as well. The Volkswagen Polo Mileage is 16.47 KM/L, and the Engine is 999 CC.

Tata Tiago/Tigor

Tata Tiago Global NCAP rating is 4 stars out of 5 stars. It received 12.52 out of 17 points in the adult occupancy category. Hence, the new Tata car Tiago earns 4 points in this category. This car got 3 stars in regard to child occupant protection. Starting price of Tata Tiago is Rs.5.50 lakh (Ex-showroom price), and mileage is 20.3 KM/L.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

The global NCAP rating of the Maruti Vitara Brezza car is 4 stars out of 5 stars. Suzuki Vitara Brezza got 2 stars in the child safety category and 12.51 points out of 17 points for adult safety.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

In Global NCAP rating, Maruti Ertiga car got 3 stars in India. In adult occupant safety, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga in India got 9.25 points. At the same time, this Maruti Suzuki car got 25.16 points out of 49 points in the child occupant safety category.

Ford Figo Aspire

The all-new Ford Figo Aspire Global NCAP rating is 3 stars out of 5 stars. The Ford Fogo car got 10.49 points out of 17 points in adult occupant protection, while it received 2 stars in child occupant protection.

Renault Duster

It is a 5 seater SUV car, and the new Renault Duster car scored 3 stars out of 5 stars in Global NCAP ratings. Overall GNCAP score is 3 stars. Renault Duster Price in India is Rs.9.57 lakh (Ex-showroom), and mileage is 16.42 KM/L.

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Bharat NCAP Car Safety Rating System Protocols

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