A Complete Guide For New Maruti Insurance Policy & Maruti Car Insurance Renewal

How to get Maruti Suzuki Insurance?

Have you recently bought a car and are in search of the best Maruti Insurance for your car? Are you confused about which car insurance company to go to? What do you think about your car safety?

If yes, then here you will get all such details which will guide you on whether to go for insurance or not if going for car insurance then which insurance company is the best for you.

Why Get A Car Insurance Policy?

Life is unpredictable, and we don’t know what will happen to us in the next second. Due to unpredictability, we humans get life insurance for backup support. So, when the bread earner is dead, then his/her loved ones can manage their financial expenses.

If we observe, we will find that the prices of commodities are increasing every day. It is getting very hard to manage the livelihood. Unfortunately, if your car meets with an accident, the expense to make the car in condition will burn your pocket.

So, to overcome this situation and unknown possibilities, one must get an insured car. And Maruti is the best company for car insurance, and we have covered below the reasons why!

Is It Mandatory To Insure My Vehicle?

Yes. As per the regulation and Motor Vehicle Act, which states that no person (except a passenger) or allows another person to use the motor vehicle in a public area without third party insurance (Liability Insurance). So, it is necessary to ensure the car with at least liability coverage.

Different Types Of Motor Insurance

There are two types of Motor Insurance:

Comprehensive/Package Policy –

It covers loss or damage to the vehicle insured in addition to the Liability Policy.

Liability Only Policy –

It covers third-party liability for bodily injury or death and property damage. Liability Only Policy covers owner-driver.

Let’s get started on why you must go for Maruti Suzuki Insurance!

What Is Maruti Suzuki Insurance?

Maruti Suzuki is a company that is the most reputed and reliable automotive brand in India. It provides security to your liability, i.e., car. It helps to burden down the costs when your car, unfortunately, meets any accident. Maruti Suzuki provides the best-in-class insurance to its customers.

What Is Maruti Suzuki Insurance?

Maruti Suzuki entered the business in 2002 through an agency route and set newer benchmarks for success. It has created almost four crore customers in over one and a half decades. Maruti Suzuki, in 2012, changed to Broking by its joint venture company, named Maruti Suzuki Insurance Broking Private Limited.

Earlier, it was known as Maruti Insurance Broking, one of India’s largest Insurance Broking Service providers. It fulfills motor insurance needs on an end-to-end basis.

It has Pan-India services across 450+ cities, starting from the Highest mountains of Leh to the inhabited islands of Andaman. And also from the barren desert of Kutch to Imphal. Currently, the company has over eight million ‘Happy Customers’.

Features And Benefits Of Maruti Car Insurance

Given below are the benefits and features of having Maruti Car Insurance.

Benefits Of Maruti Car Insurance

1] Prompt Issuance Of Policy Papers

The policyholder does not have to wait too long for the insurance papers. They can easily download it directly from the company’s official website by entering policy details.

2] Free Towing With Dealer Assistance

If any damage has happened to your car due to an accident, it is beyond mobility. The company will provide you with free towing to the nearest dealer garage with hauling assistance. This facility is available free of cost up to INR 1500. It can be negotiated at the time of purchase.

3] Easy Transfer And Instant Transfer Of No Claim Bonus

 If you renew your policy with Maruti Insurance for the first time, you will be rewarded with NCB (No Claim Bonus). It will be rewarded only if you have not filed any claim for the first year. The amount will be transferred to the Maruti Insurance policy premium as you renew your policy.

What Does Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance Include?

What Does Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance Cover

These are a few points that Maruti Insurance covers.

  • Personal accident covers up to 15 Lakh INR to Car’s owner-driver.
  • While driving, a bodily injury arises due to an accident.
  • The car gets damaged due to natural calamities like cyclones, hurricanes, floods, etc.
  • Damage to the car due to riots, strikes, or any malicious activity
  • Damaged caused due to burglary or theft
  • Damage raised due to fire, self-ignition, or explosion.
  • Physical damage to the car due to a collision on the road.

How To Buy Maruti Suzuki Insurance For Your Car Online?

To purchase the best Maruti Suzuki Insurance, you can get it online or visit your showroom from where you took your car.

The essential details you need to get new insurance for your car are below: –

  • Your Maruti Car Model
  • Car Variant of Maruti Suzuki
  • Fuel Type
  • Ex-showroom price
  • Registration City for your car
  • Year you purchased your car
  • Previous Claim detail

How To Claim Your Maruti Car Insurance Policy?

Maruti has a hassle-free insurance claim process. You can follow the below given quick Maruti Insurance Claim Procedure to get the reimbursement for your damaged car.

  • Claim Intimation and Estimation
  • The company will appoint a surveyor and loss assessment
  • Commencement of repairs and post approvals
  • The company will reinspect and then give the delivery
  • Your claim will settle by the insurance company.

How To Go For Maruti Car Insurance Renewal Process?

How To Go For Maruti Car Insurance Renewal Process?

You can get renewed your insurance by visiting the Maruti Suzuki Insurance office. You can also get Maruti Suzuki Insurance Renewal online at the official website of Maruti Insurance. The company ensures a highly secure process and follows security measures while dealing with personal information at the Online Maruti Insurance portal.

If you are going for an offline or Online Maruti Insurance Renewal process, you will have to provide these things: –

  • Your Name
  • Mobile Number
  • E-mail Id
  • Registration number of the car

Once you submit all your details, a customer service agent will call you and guide you to do the rest of the process.


After buying a new car, the first thing you must do is get it insured. Maruti Insurance Broking Private Limited can be your best option because it is authorized by the IRDA. I have mentioned the key features of the insurance and how to avail of and claim it.

It also provides services from other organizations like National Insurance and New India Assurance.

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