Why Should You Go With Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance?

Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance

The moment you start riding your bike, you are expected to have at least third-party bike insurance. This protects the other party’s vehicle and property in case of a crash. What if you leave your new bike in a parking spot and someone damages it while you are not around?

Third-party insurance does not cover this but thankfully, own damage insurance for a bike does. Standalone own damage bike insurance is curated to protect your bike only. That is why a combination of own damage insurance and third-party insurance is ideal and takes care of any scenario in which you might fall under a financial burden.

Who Should Consider Buying Your Own Damage Insurance?

If you have purchased third-party insurance at the time of purchasing your bike and you have purchased a policy for the next three years, then you cannot shift to comprehensive bike insurance during these 3 years.

If you start to realize that the coverage offered by third-party insurance is insufficient and you need protection for your own bike as well, you can consider buying your own damage insurance to provide coverage for your bike. Own damage insurance serves a very specific purpose of covering only the bike of the insured and does not provide coverage on costs incurred due to damages to the other party.

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What Is Covered In Own Damage Insurance?

Let us take a look at what is covered in own damage insurance.

Damages To Insured Bike In Case Of A Crash

The amount required to cover the damages caused to your bike in a crash or an accident are covered under this.

Theft Of Your Vehicle

Despite installing anti-theft measures, there are chances of your bike getting stolen, and this cover compensates in case the bike gets stolen.

Best Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance

Losses Due To Fire

If there is a fire and your bike suffers damages due to the fire, then your own damaged bike insurance covers it.

Natural Calamity

Natural calamities are out of your hands and the damages caused due to natural calamities are covered under your own damage bike insurance.

These are features available in Own damage bike insurance. If you are looking to enhance your own damage insurance policy, you can choose amongst the following add-ons.

Zero Depreciation Cover

This add-on is an anti-aging trick that protects your bike from depreciation and ensures you don’t have to pay the difference in parts caused due to depreciation.

Engine And Gearbox Protection Cover

This cover ensures you are covered in case of accidents as well as consequential damage to the engine and gearbox.

Breakdown Assistance

This add-on ensures you will receive help in case of a roadside breakdown when you end up stranded with your bike.

Consumable Cover

The smaller parts like nuts, bolts, and other consumables are rarely noticed by anyone and they can amount to a big total. The consumable cover is the add-on that saves you against this cost which you may not have anticipated.

Return To Invoice Cover

If your bike has been stolen or has become irreparable, then the return to invoice cover makes you eligible for the full amount that was on the last invoice of the bike.

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What Are The Exclusions Of Own Damage Insurance?

Knowing the exclusion of own damage bike insurance is just as important as the inclusions. Let us take a look at the exclusions.

Third-Party Damages

Any damages caused to the third party are not covered under their own damage insurance.

Illegal Activities

If you get into an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol or you drive without a license, then you will not be compensated for any damages. At the same time, if you have a learner’s permit and you are driving without the presence of a person who holds a permanent license, you will not be compensated for any of the damages caused during a collision or an accident.

Add-Ons Not Purchased

If you haven’t purchased add-ons then obviously, you will not be eligible for the benefits that come from them.


In simple words, you will not be eligible for the sum assured by the insurer if you have knowingly contributed to the damages of your bike. For example, if you take your bike out during a flood warning and it suffers damage, you are not compensated for the same.

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What Does Own Damage Premium Depend On?

Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance


The Insured Declared Value is the value of your bike in the market and that is why your own damage insurance premium will depend on this.

Bike’s Power Output

Your bike’s CC will play a part in its own damage premium as the higher is the power, the higher are chances of an accident.

Bike’s Make And Model

The make and model of your bike will decide the cost of the bike and consequently the own damage insurance premium as well.

Age Of The Bike

Newer bikes have a higher damage premium while older bikes have a lower premium.

No Claim Bonus

If you had your own damage insurance or comprehensive insurance before, you can have the no claim bonus added to your current damage insurance for a discount.

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Wrap Up

This overview is to help you understand standalone own damage bike insurance better. IRDA has made it compulsory for new bikes to buy third-party insurance for a minimum of 3 years. When you buy third-party insurance, you may realize that it is insufficient and you need your own damage to make it a complete package.

At the time of renewal, you should consider switching to comprehensive two wheeler insurance. It is more convenient instead of buying own damage and third party separately and renewing it over and over again.

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance has all the features and benefits of third-party insurance as well as own damage insurance in one policy.

Still, if you have any queries, feel free to write us in the comment section given below. We would love to address your concern with expert advice.

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