Tesla Cars

Tesla Cars come in the category of Electric Vehicle. These are fully automated vehicles where you don’t need to hire a professional driver. Because everything is automatic inside the car.

Establishment of Tesla Cars

The official name is Tesla, Inc. Which was found in the year 2003 and started to operate from the headquarter Palo Alto, California. Tesla is the world’s biggest Electric Vehicle manufacture which is tracking everything by sitting in the United States.

Behind the foundation of Tesla Cars, 5 persons played a key role. And those famous personalities are  JB Straubel, Marc Tarpenning, Martin Eberhard, Elon Musk and Ian Wright.

Tesla was initially known as Tesla, Inc. And later, the name was changed officially with Tesla Motors. The manufacturer has the mission to provide such vehicles to worldwide car lovers, who can help to safely limited energies.

As after a few decades later, the entire world will go through the crisis of petrol, diesel and other fuel, so Tesla Cars manufacturer is getting ready to overcome the situation. They are focusing on Electric vehicle to save sustainable energy and give the utmost driving experience to users.

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