8 Best Mountain Bike Trails In The United States

Top 8 Mountain Bike Trails in America, USA | RASHGEAR

Is carpe diem is your motto in life and the lockdown has been putting you through hell? Do you want to go live a thrilling pain while all the time exploring the plethora of earth’s natural wonders? If yes, these 8 Mountain Bike Trails in the United States should be on your next vacation list if you haven’t already explored them.

Now that you have decided to go on a biking trail, the next question to ask is what kind of trail you are looking for. Are you looking for a smooth path with stunning views or a hellish climb or perhaps a bit of both?

These trails are going to demand agility and stamina as a fee for an experience that you will never forget so make sure your health bar is full before you take on this adventure, you don’t want to be meeting with injuries while you live the thrill.

With that sorted, it can still be pretty overwhelming to decide which trail to explore. So, we have described here at RashGear, the top 8 best mountain trails the United State offer.

List Of Top 8 Mountain Bike Trails In America

1] Bangtail Divide Trail

At an elevation of 3,045 feet, Bangtail Divide Trails connects Stone, Olson, and Brackett Creek. You will be greeted with an exceptional view involving pines, fir trees, spruce, and wildflower meadows.

This is the best bike riding trail north to south. If you want to take advantage of the insane climb of stone creeks and the smooth speedy downhill of grassy mountain but beware of the switchbacks waiting to test your reflexes.

2] Finger Lakes Trail

Rated the best biking trails by Bike magazine, Finger Lake Trail is a single-track path stretching for over 21.3 miles. You are in for a view of the creeks, pine forest, and a breath-taking view of the Genesse River George.

However, this is a tricky trail so to avoid taking a spill, stay on point.

3] La Tierra Trails

Are your p for a ride on a roller coaster in the lap of mother nature? With 17 miles of breezy well-marked trails and 2 jump parks, Le Tierra Trails is your answer. Take on the 65-mile loop taken by endurance bicyclists every year if you are looking for a total workout.

4] Mckenzie River Trail

Although Oregon is filled with fantastic trails, Mckenzie can be called the king of the castle. With the greenest foliage, this 26miles mountain bike trail is home to some of the oldest trees on earth, some even dating back to 300 years.

You are in for a treat here with lava fields and blue cascading blue waterfalls. Trail the upper-end for a challenge and the lower portion for a smooth ride.

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5] Osberg Rigdeline Valley

This trail in sun valley Idaho is criminally underrated. This 20-mile radius of town rides has over 400 miles of single track with two bikes park.

You are in for a view of the mountains, mellows, and a warm fuzzy bike town vibe. It’s heaven on earth for the mountain bikers.

6] Miles Peak in Downieville, California

If you are compelled to choose one biking trail in California, the famous Downieville Classic downhill is your answer but it is the Miles peak in here that is the real show-stealer.

Dropping 3000ft over 8.5 miles surrounded by bermed turns and never-ending fragrant of pine trees, Miles peak trail was built with bikes in mind.

7] The Hangover

Looking for a rocky, slick rock water slide like entry; the Hangover a 10 miles total roundtrip, with roads as narrow as the handlebars, is your answer. It’s an exhilarating path to satisfy that adrenaline rush.

But be careful one mistake and you could be tumbling down like Jill. Give this a shot only if you are super confident and have a Giant Mountain Bikes.

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8] Whole Enchilada

If you are looking to become the next popular Instagram biker, grab your action camera and get set rolling at the Whole Enchilada Trail in Moab, Utah. Starting at 11,150 ft and dropping to 8000ft you’ll be whizzing through evergreen forests, warner lake, and oak-covered slopes.

Top 8 Mountain Bike Trails in America, USA | RASHGEAR

The enchilada like its name is a treat connecting 4 classic Moab trails.

  • Burro Pass
  • Hazard country
  • Kokopelli
  • Porcupine

You are advised to take shuttle service but nothing’s stopping you from riding it as a 62mile loop if you are just as insane as I am, however, watch out for the stream crossing, rock drops and stick roots.

These top 8 mountain bike trails in America are worth putting dirt under your wheels and checking out for yourself. If you are also interested to know about upcoming bikes then please see the List of 40+ New upcoming Indian Bikes prepared by Rash Gear.

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