Top 7 Bajaj Bikes Under 2 Lakh In India To Buy

The demand for bikes has increased significantly in the modern-day and the users have a lot of options due to ample variation of bikes under 2 lakh, Bajaj bikes under 1 lakh, and more. But the best approach is when you get your dream bike at an affordable price.

Well, if you are familiar with Bajaj, then you must be aware that, it is not just a name as it is the brand and build the same by gaining the customer’s trust.

Bajaj has launched many two-wheelers vehicles starting from scooters to modern bikes. If you love the features of the Bajaj bike, here you will get the list of the best Bajaj bikes that meets your requirements if you are finding the best bikes under 2 lakh.

So, let’s start the ride to have an adventurous journey with RashGear.

Bajaj Bikes Under 2 Lakh

The price of a bike depends on the specifications, such as engine, design, compression stroke, and others. In Bajaj, you will get many models with unique features at an economical price like Bajaj Bikes under 1 lakh, Bajaj Bikes under 1.5 lakh, Bajaj bikes under 2 lakh, and more.

Bajaj Pulsar F250

Bajaj Pulsar F250 is the most awaited bike that was released this year along with the N250 model. The cylinder capacity is 249.07 cc and the engine model is based on oil cooling. Moreover, the engine’s power development capacity is 24.5 PS at 8750 RPM.

Bajaj Bike Pulsar F250 Mileage & Top Speed

Bajaj Pulsar F250 Price in India, Mileage, Image

The top speed of this bike is 130 km per hour and regarding mileage, it is nominal, i.e., 35 km/liter.

Bajaj Bike Price In India – Pulsar F250

The ex-showroom price of Bajaj Pulsar F250 is Rs 1.40 lakh. However, the price will slightly vary as per the region.

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Bajaj Pulsar NS200

Bajaj bikes in India have an outstanding reach among the riders and NS200 is one such model. This bike is based on fuel-injection technology that boosts power and torque. It is a BS6 edition bike having an engine capacity of 199 CC. If you go will the design, you will be thrilled as it is embedded with a semi-digital instrument cluster.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Mileage And Top Speed

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Price in India, Mileage, Top Speed

In the edition of the New Bajaj bike, the NS200 model offers approx 35 KM/L mileage and the top speed is 136 kmph.

Bajaj Bikes Price In India – Pulsar NS200

The price of this bike has been changed due to the inclusion of a catalytic converter. Bajaj Pulsar NS200  is one of the best bikes under 1.5 lakh and the current price of an NS200 Pulsar bike is Rs. 1,35,226.

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Bajaj Pulsar 220F

Bajaj Pulsar 220F Top-Speed And Mileage

In the Bajaj bike list, Pulsar 220F was the most iconic bike that was in a demand over years, and still, the repo remains the same. The engine capacity is 220cc which produces 20.4 brake horsepower. The latest version comes in the BS6 variant but its power output is less than BS4.

Bajaj Pulsar 220F Top-Speed And Mileage

The top speed of Bajaj Pulsar is amazing, i.e., 134 kmph and the mileage of this bike is 40 KM/L.

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Bajaj Bikes Under 1 Lakh In India

If you fail to get your loving bike due to a short of money, then don’t get upset as there are many more in Bajaj. The firm provides many bikes under the range of 1 lakh so that most of the people in India can access the bike.

Here Bajaj bike price list that fits your budget is provided below.

Bajaj Pulsar 150

This bike has a 149.5 cc fuel injection engine that delivers 14.5 PS power. The starting price of this bike is Rs. 99,418.

Pulsar 150 Top Speed

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Price in India, Mileage, Top Speed

The top speed of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 bike is 115 kmph and the Mileage is 50 KM/L.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 125

Pulsar NS 125 Bajaj bike comes with DTS-I Engine and produces 8.82 kW @ 8500 rpm. Bajaj Pulsar NS125 is available in the market at Rs. 78,490.

Top Speed And Mileage of Bajaj Pulsar NS 125

Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 Price in India, Speed, Mileage

The top speed of Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 is 112 kmph and the mileage is around 55 KM/L.

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Bajaj Platina 110ES

Bajaj Platina is a lightweight two-wheeler with having DTS-I Engine that generates 6.33 KW power @ 7000 rpm. The price of this bike is Rs. 67,904.

Bajaj Platina 110ES Top Speed And Mileage

Bajaj Platina 110ES Top Speed And Mileage

The top speed of Bajaj Platina 110ES is 90 kmph and the mileage is 70 KM/L.

However, there are other bikes too that come under 1 lakh such as the Discover Bajaj bikes model, and no doubt the discovery model was highly applauded by the riders due to its excellent performance.

On the off chance if you are big fond of light-weight bikes having outstanding mileage then Bajaj bikes CT 100 model is best for you.

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