Tata Motors Hikes Car Prices! Check New Rates Of Tiago, Nexon, Safari & Others

Tata Motors Hikes Car Prices for Tata Tigor, Altroz, Tiago, Safari SUV, Harrier & Nexon

Tata Motors is known as one of the most favourite Indian vehicle brands at an affordable cost. But now, they have officially announced to Hikes Car Prices for selected models.

However, the new prices will not affect the customers who have already booked the vehicle till 7th May 2021.

The increased price is not too high if you calculate it in percentage. The average hiked prices are 1.8% based on various models and their variants. In INR, it will vary between Rs.10,000 to Rs.36,000.

Why Tata increased Car Prices?

The companies said that due to increasing the prices of commodities like metal, steel and other precious materials, they needed to hike the car prices of limited models and variants.

Please note The new hikes car prices are applied from 8th May 2021 on limited models.

Tata Motors Top 6 New Hikes Car Prices

Tata Tigor’s New Rate

Let you know that the Tata Tigor’s is the only Sedan cars available in the Indian market. The base model XE of Tata Tigor’s is hiked by Rs.10,000 and now it will cost you Rs.5.59 Lakh at Delhi ex-showroom. On the other hand, the new rate of the top model of Tigor’s that is XZA Plus is Rs.7.73 Lakh at Delhi showroom.

Tata Altroz’s latest price

In the previous month only, i.e. In April 2021, Tata Altroz has sold 6,649 units across the country. It is the most affordable car options for Indian people. The base model of Tata Altroz was costing Rs.5.69 Lakh at the ex-showroom. But now it will cost Rs.5.79 Lakh to the Tata car buyers.

On the other hand, the Tata XZ Plus Diesel car, the top model of Altroz, is hiked by Rs.10,000 and now it will cost you Rs.9.55 Lakh at ex-showroom Delhi.

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Tata Tiago

The price of XE, a basic model of Tiago was Rs.4.85 Lakh before the price hiked. Now it will cost you Rs.4.99 Lakh at Delhi showroom. However, the top model of Tago, i.e. XZA+ Dual Tone will cost you Rs.6.95 Lakh at ex-showroom Delhi, after the hike of Rs.11,000.

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Tata Safari SUV’s new price

The basic model of the Tata Safari SUV, that is XE variants hikes car price by up to Rs.30,000 and now the new price of Safari SUV’s XE model will cost you Rs.14.99 Lakh at ex-showroom, Delhi. Similarly, the Safari SUV’ top model XZA Plus will cost you Rs.21.61 Lakh at ex-showroom after the hike of Rs.16,000.

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Tata Harrier SUV price hiked

In April 2021, Tata has sold 1,712 units of Harrier SUV car. The basic model of Harrier SUV, i.e. XE is now available at Rs.14.29 Lakh at ex-showroom Delhi whereas previously, it was available at retail at Rs.13.99 Lakh. And the top model XZA Plus Dual Tone hikes car price in India will cost you now Rs.20.85 Lakh but earlier it was Rs.20.81 Lakh at ex-showroom, Delhi.

Tata Nexon gets expensive

One of the best selling Tata Motors passenger vehicle is Nexon and recorded a total sold units of 6,938 in the last month, April 2021. The XE, base mode of Nexon will cost you now Rs.7.19 Lakh after the increment of Rs.10,000 in the previous price. However, the XZA+ (O) Dual tone, the top model of Tata Nexon is now available at Rs.12.95 at ex-showroom Delhi after the hike of Rs.16,000 on the previous price.

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Even after Hikes Car Prices, Tata Motors is known to provide a range of passenger vehicles starting from the hatchback Tiago (an entry-level car) and to the newly introduced Safari SUV. The ex-showroom price of all these cars variants at Delhi is between Rs.4.85 Lakh to Rs.21.4 Lakh.

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Tata motors claimed to sell a total of 39,530 units of passenger vehicles in April 2021 in India. And now, Tata became the third-largest OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in the country after Maruti & Hyundai.

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