Top 3 Cars To Purchase With Best Resale Value

Hello, Guy’s! Welcome To RashGear. As you all know that we have always tried something different from others. Reasonably, this post is all about the expansion as well as to provide you with an aspect to get Best Resale Value Car while deciding to buy a 4-wheeler, Upcoming Bikes or other vehicles.

As everyone knows that Life is fleeting so does the decisions. And, to stay support the decision, this article is all about. When buying a car everyone considers different-different factors that include car value, car resale value, and others.

Well, one of the most important factors that everyone thinks about is Car Resale Value. Currently, the automobile industry has a large number of used/old cars with a resale tag. In this scenario, a middle-class man thinks that let’s not just buying a cheap car, buy the best car that will give the best resale value.

To serve this purpose of finding the Best Resale Value Car, we have tried to add the list of the best cars in India with great resale value and offers. Just for knowledge, the car with 3-year use gives the better resale value. Moreover, the more time it goes on the road, the amount will be decreasing linearly.

Besides, sometimes models, brands, and edition took into account to find out the best possible sale value after use. So, in case you’re thinking to buy a car then, try to purchase these 3 below-mentioned cars with better resale value.

List of Top 3 Cars with High or Best Resale Value!

1. Mahindra Scorpio – Best Resale Value Car

“Time Is Money”, you must have heard this idiom often. This verse is so true when it comes to Mahindra Scorpio as this car stands tall against the test of time. 19 years before Scorpio hits the market and with time its demand in Indian Automobile gone from Level Nothing to Most-Sold SUV.

This SUV has all the important features, masculine look, intuitive design, outstanding embedded functions, and many more. With all these features, it became an Indian Favourite SUV with outstanding capture on market.

This SUV has the capacity for 6-seats with sufficient remaining space for essential things storage. All these factors considered while selling after use for the better resale value. The Scorpio with great maintenance can get more than 65% of its cost price while selling second hand. This is because it has gained enough trust and demand in cities is more.

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2. Maruti-Suzuki Ertiga – Best Resale Value Car

The next one on our list is the Ertiga Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) of Maruti-Suzuki. It has a similar resale value as it gained extreme popularity when it was launched not enough that Scorpio had. In MPV Segment in India, it becomes the best-selling MPV in 2020.

Well, the sells of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga might have decreased but, it hasn’t affected the car popularity. Still, 3 out of every 10 individuals will recommend or searches to buy this MPV that also second hand.

This car has everything inside and outside of it with an impressive tagline that catches everyone eyes.

As Maruti-Suzuki has earned lots of names so does this MPV. As it is available in more than 2 variants, the resale value of the Ertiga ZXI AT model has the best resale value.

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3. Toyota Innova Crysta – Best Resale Value Car

The last one on the list should be none other than another MPV but, this time from Toyota. 3 years earlier, Toyota launched a car named Toyota Innova Crysta in the MPV segment. The 3-year-old Innova Crysta can get up to 80% of the original price, which is more than Scorpio but, less demand.

This new Toyota Innova Crysta MPV is quite spacious, full of features, and also with outstanding mileage as it goes 12-16 KMPL.

Apart from Fuel economy, it is an incredible MPV to purchase second hand.

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