What Is The Difference Between The Ex-Showroom And On-Road Price Of A Car?

Difference between the ex-showroom price of a car and the on-road price of a car

So, now you’ve decided to buy a new car? That’s really a great thing. But do you know what all things you are going to be charged for till the moment the ownership is yours? Do you know what is ex-showroom and on-road price?

Stats says “A record 2.9 million cars and commercial vehicles were sold in India in 2020″ isn’t that huge?

Here, we are going to tell you what’s the difference between the ex-showroom price of a car and the on-road price of a car. Ultimately, you will pay the on-road price when buying a vehicle, so you should consider that when making your choice.

Every auto dealer has an in-house price for his car. When you buy a car from him, he takes the ex-showroom price and adds taxes to it. Thus, the on-road price of the car is higher than what you see on TV or the internet. On-Road base price includes all taxes, freight charges, and other duties that are levied at the time of imports. It also includes the dealership charges like conveyance fees, insurance, etc.

What Is The New Car On-Road Price?

The on-road price of a new vehicle includes all taxes, freight charges, and other duties that are levied at the time of imports.

The dealer base MSRP, whenever you buy from the showroom, is higher than what you might have seen on TV or in print. The dealership also adds certain charges over and above the price such as conveyance fee, insurance, etc.

On-road price or on-road base price is the price at which a car is sold in the market. The best thing is that now you have the tool available to check on-road price which helps you to make better buying decisions.

Ex-showroom and on-road price of Car

This difference between on-road and ex-showroom price is one inclusive of all the expenses such as road tax, other charges, whether the ex-showroom price excludes all these charges.

What All Charges Does The On-Road Price Consist Of?

  • Registration Charges
  • Lifetime Road Tax Payment
  • Mandatory Insurance
  • Dealer handling charges

What is New Car Ex-Showroom Price?

The price of a car at the dealership is known as its ex-showroom price. This refers to how much it costs the dealership to buy the car from the company. All taxes and commissions included, this is an important detail that you must know about when examining further a claim or asking price of any car.

Where Can I Find The Ex-Showroom Price Of Any Car Online?

No matter the type of advertisement, be it in the newspaper or online, the number is always there. The price of the ex-showroom is always included. A car’s ex-showroom price is the price incurred when it’s brought into the showroom. The ex-showroom price of any car can be checked on several online portals like Orange Book Value generally known as OBV, or RashGear, and similar others platforms.


Ques1. Can The Price From The Showroom Be Negotiated?

Ans. When you visit a showroom, the dealer’s staff will always contact you to get behind you. Compare the dealer’s price with the ex-showroom price. Ask them for offers and quotes. Sure! When it comes to buying a car, you can also bargain.

Ques2. In India, Is Road Tax Refundable?

Ans. The Indian government must receive road tax periodically, regardless of whether it is levied by the central, state, or local government. Owners can claim a refund of the road tax if they submit the relevant documents to the RTO.

Ques3. What Is The Maximum Lifespan Of A Car?

Ans. In India, scrapping old vehicles is governed by rules established by the RTO. Cars older than 15 years are not allowed to bring on the road, as per the norm. Re-registering them in another state isn’t easy even though they can be moved. Cars can be scrapped instead of re-registered.

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We compared the on-road price of your new car in India with the ex-showroom price, plus the other additional charges that make up the on-road price. In a nutshell, the car on-road price will be around 15-30% higher than the ex-showroom price. However, it is subjective to the accessories, the location you are purchasing from, taxes, and other costs.

We hope, the difference between ex-showroom and on-road pricing should be clear to you now!

You are always welcome to ask your query in the comment box below if you have any questions related to ex-showroom and on-road prices. We would love to come back with the right answers as earliest as possible.

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