Star Motorcycles History, Models, Specifications & More

Star Motorcycles is a US brand of Yamaha Motor Company. These Motorcycles were published in Cypress, California, in 1994. The performance and handling were more clear in comparison to others. You usually get these cruiser bikes for no less than a Price of $11,690.

There are many models available of Star Motorcycles like a Bolt, Royal Star, Roadliner, Road Star, Stryker, Warrior, etc. if you are using brands of Yamaha Motorcycles, then you must know how these Motorcycles came into existence and what is the total revenue of these bikes.

So, if you are searching for the emergence of Star Motorcycles and what is the revenue of these, then this article is for you.

History of Star Motorcycles

The history of Star Motorcycles was very interesting when Yamaha launched bikes with Italian automobile manufacturer Star. Here, Motorcycles were made in American style from 1930 to 1960.

  • In 1934, Yamaha announced the creation of Star Motorcycles which was considered the new brand in the American company.
  • Star Motorcycles are now considered a separate brand but are still sold at Yamaha dealerships.
  • Other markets still sold bikes by the default Yamaha.
  • Star Motorcycle was expanded by its brand only, but Yamaha also acts as manufacturer and distributor of the bikes.
  • In 2016, Yamaha announced that they would drop the Star and make sales with Yamaha’s name.

Best 3 Models of Star Motorcycles

Star Motorcycles is no longer in existence as a separate brand in the United States, but Yamaha is continuing to meet the needs of Motorcycle enthusiasts in the American market. Although, this is leading as the bikers name in America by the following models;-

1] Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom

Yamaha v Star custom brings sentimentality to the market in the form of a cruiser bike. This bike ran in the year 2014- 2016. The specifications are;-

The displacement is 649 cc, and the engine is up to V- twin. 

The Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom price is around $ 6990 with a 1-year warranty by the factory.

The competitors of this bike are Honda which is somehow similar to the Honda Shadow.

The engine type is 40 cubic inches, 649 CC with 4 valves. Fuel delivery is around 28mm. The colors are available in liquid silver, raven, electric white, etc.

 2] Yamaha V Star 1300 Deluxe

Yamaha v Star 1300 deluxe is the best touring bike in the mid-displacement class with varieties of technology and style. The specifications are;-

  • Liquid-cooled v twin, 4 valves per cylinder with a mileage of 1304 cc.
  • The fuel capacity is 4.9 gallons.
  • The Yamaha v Star 1300 deluxe price can cost you around  $14,299.

3] Yamaha Raider

The Yamaha sibling is named the Yamaha raider with Star cruise line. The choice of color was important for this bike was black or red. This is designed with a low seater of 24.7 height with 71 wheelbases. The specifications are;-

  • The displacement is 1854 cc.
  • The frame of this bike is a double cradle.
  • The Yamaha Raider price in the USA will cost you around $15,199.

Although, there are varieties of models available for Star Motorcycles that you go through. You can easily get all specifications and details on different sites.


By the end of his article, you know about Star Motorcycle and how they came into existence and then separated. So, if you are going through Star Motorcycles or Yamaha Motorcycles to buy, then consider the models and companies manufacturing those Motorcycles.

Overall, get all the thrill of these Motorcycles and go on another best Motorcycle to buy in America.

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