4 Best Yamaha Motorbike In USA With Price & Specifications

Yamaha has established itself as the manufacturer of top-notch Yamaha Motorbike in the world and now it has become one of the leading brands in this field. Yamaha Motorbikes have a renowned name in manufacturing various types of bikes for all age categories. In the USA people love to purchase the bike for adventure and coursing and Yamaha offers a full line of bikes from rugged dirt bikes to high-performance touring bikes.

Additionally, the company also makes ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts, and several other products according to America’s road conditions and other requirements. Seeing all the interest, we have brought some of the best Yamaha motorbikes in the USA  with price and specification.

Top 4 Yamaha Motorbike In The USA

1] Yamaha YZF R7

Yamaha YZF is a 7th generation of the Yamaha Powersports bike lineup in the USA. This is a very powerful machine that contains a 689cc liquid-cooled engine with a 4-stroke, DOHC inline twin cylinder. It has a 6-speed gear transmission and multiple wet clutches with assist and slipper clutches. Additionally, it has a compression ratio of 11.5:1 and fuel injection.

This motorbike is specially designed for speed lovers and has a starting Yamaha YZF R7 price of $8,999.

2] Yamaha XT250

Here is another bike introduced by Yamaha for people who love adventure. XT250 is a Yamaha Adventure Bike that comes with a 249 air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke single-cylinder engine. It has 2 valves and with this specification, it becomes lightweight and suitable for every type of terrain. Its 5-speed transmission and multiple wet clutches which has a top speed of 75 mph.

This is an ideal adventure dirt bike for the bike lover and the Yamaha XT250 Price in USA starts from $5199.

3] Super Tenere ES – Yamaha Motorbike

Super Tenere ES is a dual sports Yamaha Motorbike that has 1199CC engine capacity with a liquid-cooled inline 2 cylinder with DOHC 8 valves. It has a compression ratio of 11:1 and fuel injection with YCC-T. And it has a 6-speed gear transmission with multiple plate wet clutches. All these dimensions make it the perfect bike for speed lovers and adventure at the same time.

The Super Tenere ES price starts from $16,299 which is a valuable price in the USA market.

4] Yamaha Star Venture

If you love touring and cruising then Yamaha cruiser bike have a variety of bikes lined up. One of which is a Yamaha Star Venture that has a 1854cc air-cooled OVM V-twin engine with 8 valves. This heavy monster Yamaha Motorbike has a 6-speed gear transmission with multiple assists and a slipper wet clutch. It comes with a belt final derive and a compression ratio of 9.5:1.

This fabulous cruiser has a starting Yamaha Star Venture price of $26,999 in the US market.

Bottom Line

Americans have the fondness of bikes for speed, adventure, and touring. Yamaha Motorbike has available all types of bikes for every field. Apart from the above bikes, Yamaha is also working on an electric bike joint venture with Honda Yamaha to produce electric bikes targeting the Asian market. Soon this service will be started in the USA contributing to a zero-emission environment in the automobile sector. Till then, you can enjoy the various categories of bikes offered by Yamaha.

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