Yamaha Rx 100 Price, Mileage, Specifications, Images

Yamaha Rx 100 Price in India, Mileage, Specifications

If you are a 90s kid, then you might be familiar with this classic bike, Yamaha Rx 100. This was the first choice of the youngsters because of its lightweight and high performance produced by the small engine. The production of this Yamaha Bike started in 1985, and its history ended in 1996; during this period, people gave lots of love to this bike. 

In the initial stage, Yamaha exported these bikes from Japan to India by Escorts Group, and by 1990 Yamaha started production of this bike in India. With time the company failed to stand to the Indian standard rule, and many bike companies launched better bikes with great safety features. And by 1996, the journey of the legendary bike declined. But you can still see the craze among bike enthusiasts, and many people want to have it in their collection. So, let’s find out what was so special about this motorbike that people were insane about this bike.

Yamaha Rx100, Price Mileage, And Specification

The bike was popularized by the name “Pocket Rocket” in India because of its lightweight engine and high speed. But what is so special about this bike is that many people still want to ride this beautiful piece of technology. Your answer is hidden below in the form of specification, mileage, and price.

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Yamaha Rx 100 Specifications

You will be surprised to know that RX 100 has a small engine of a 98cc two-stroke air-cooled single cylinder engine, which generates 11 PS at 7500 rpm of maximum power and 10.39 Nm at 6500 rpm of torque. It was suspicious how this engine could produce so much power with such a small engine. Rival companies did not believe this, and they opened it for confirmation. They were amazed by the technology used by Yamaha, which made this bike the ideal choice for the Indians.

Apart from this powerful engine, the bike comes with drum breaks both in front and rear. It has a 10L of fuel capacity and a commuter body type which makes it more classic. It has an analog speedometer and odometer, and fuel gauge. RX 100 has a 4-speed gear transmission and a kick starts only with a single seat and a passenger footrest.

New Yamaha Rx100 Mileage

The company claims up to 24 to 25 KM/L of mileage, but according to ARAI, RX 100 gives an average of 40 KM/L. It is the most fuel-efficient compared to similar bikes with a 10 L fuel capacity. Though the production of this bike has been discontinued, people still want to have this bike because of its fuel efficiency.

Yamaha Rx 100 Price  

The company has discontinued Yamaha RX 100 since 1996, and the last price of the bike was around Rs. 15,000. This bike has revived in the last few decades, and many people are ready to pay any amount for the used bike. It has been estimated that Yamaha RX100 Price can cost up to 1.40 to 1.50 lakh, and no one feels regret paying this amount.

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Bottom Line

Rx 100 Yamaha Bike is a popular retro bike that still has a craze like a new bike available in India. People still use this bike, and its simple design allows various types of modifications that make it more attractive. The demand for modified RX 100 has taken great fire in the Indian market, and these are expensive to the regular bike of Yamaha.

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