The Brand History Of Ural Motorcycle

The Brand History Of Ural Motorcycle

A Ural Motorcycle is a heavy motorcycle racing sidecar produced by Irbit Motorcycle, Russia. The production originated in 1940 when its latest design was stolen. The soviet union was the first to steal a model of the R17 BMW Motorcycle. This brand was famous for military purposes to fight against enemies. This military motorcycle was used in Germany from 1938.

There are many models available of Ural Motorcycles like IMZ M 72, IMZ M 52, Ural M 67-36, Ural IMZ-8, etc. These bikes are specialized for different road modes like adventure, touring, racing, and many more.

So, if you are searching for how the Ural Motorcycle came, then this article is best for you.

History Of Ural Motorcycle


The brand history of Ural Motorcycles begins in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. This pace is 200 km from Ekaterinburg. Irbiter Motorradwerke, which sells its products under the trade name the Ural, came from Irbit in the west. Additionally, Orbit also produces special glass.

Knowing the history of these motorcycles then began in the secret meeting of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR. 

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Ural Motorcycle History In Detail

  • The first question was which motorcycle to purchase, so R71s was the first to purchase, which was dissolved and recreated in Sweden. Later, the result was given to Comrade Sterlin with the brand name M72, and serial production was decided.
  • In this Ural military motorcycle, 2 cylinder boxer engine, the welded tube frame with rear suspension and gimbal drive have not been used in the local motorcycles.
  • The production required new technologies, and machines were distributed to other factories. Then, the Moscow factory brought 1753 motorcycles. The production facilities are being relocated to the Siberian town of IRBIT, behind the Ural. 
  • Next, you have the two companies, Irbit and Gorkij, where the spare parts were produced. In 1942, a single motorcycle was ready to drive, which was simply more than the sparse parts of the plants. Later, 3780 motorcycles were produced in Irbit and 2694 m72 in Gorkiy.
  • In 1949, 9799 motorcycles were delivered for world war 2, and after the war, the factories expanded and produced Ural Motorcycles around 30000. In 1958, the production of the good old M-72 was finished. Then, in 1960 the wheel-loaded frame was given a head.
  • The model name in 1960 was MM-61, M-63, M-66, and M-67 were released with 12 volts electrics, shock absorber spring frame, and many more. Recently, more than 3 million motorcycles were made with sidecars.
  • Later, the exports began in 1953 in the developing countries. In the 1980s, worldwide delivery was made.
  • You will find that in the year 1970, the production of Ural Bike models was at its highest. Finally, in 1998 the brand Ural Motorcycle was privatized.


By the end of this article, you came to know the history of Ural Motorcycles and how they came into existence. These bikes were mostly privileged in military forces to fight against their enemy. 

So, if you are fond of driving these military bikes or cars side then go to the latest websites of Ural Motorcycles and order your favorite model. The Russian team gives the best philosophy, distinctive designs, and individual character. 

The Ural Motorcycle price is around $17,549, which is roughly Rs. 13.24 lakh. So, just experience the thrill, action, and adventure of these motorbikes.

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