Royal Enfield New Launch Bike – Photon EB

Royal Enfield New Launch Bike In 2020 – Photon EB

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Royal Enfield “Vinod Dasari,” said in an interview about ‘Royal Enfield new launch bike’ that, “no longer about the possibility of this feature bike.” Also said that the company have some prototypes and so they are looking to venture into the correct segments.

It is not about whether electric (mobility) will come or not but it’s a question of ‘when’. We did make some prototypes; we have looked at several segments and we will be adding to the team shortly.

It is acceptable for the next generation, and also helps to reduce air pollution. The electric vehicle revolution in India affected the human choice to buy a new bike. But many people had confusion: can Royal Enfield electric bikes make a thrill like a petrol version of this bike?

Electric mobility may have been connected with new generation choice and nature supported in India, but it seems to be taking off really well. This Royal Enfield Electric Bike (EB) Photon, is a two-wheelers that is the newfound enthusiasm for electric vehicles in India.   

List of Royal Enfield New Launch Bike

Royal Enfield New Launch Bike In 2020 – Photon EB

At a time the whole world is facing coronavirus crisis pandemic. So, in this year, there aren’t any official news has been published from Royal Enfield regarding the launch of a new electric bike. In this crisis, many people fall into deep critical condition. So, there are selling problems that may be created.

Royal Enfield’s new launch electric bike is “Photon” which might not launch this year.

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Specification Of Photon – Royal Enfield New Launch Bike

RE expected to be launched bike, the classic photon weights 200 KG. This electric vehicle is based on a Royal Enfield Classic 500 which is not yet available to sale in India. It has been transferred into an electric bike by a UK-based company called Electric Classic Cars, which usually does such conversions for cars.

The Photon has a large battery pack with 3D printed panels for pleasing aesthetics. Inside the battery pack, there are 2.5 kWh Li-ion LG Chem batteries. The electric Royal Enfield classic has a 13KW Water-cooled electric motor which has been mounted on the rear wheel hub consequently. The usual chain or belt drive is absent in this electric motorcycle. The electric motor drives the rear wheel directly and thus, reduces unnecessary frictional losses and eliminates chain or belt noises.

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Expected Performance Of Royal Enfield New Launch Bike – Photon

  • If we talk about its performance, the classic Photon can race from 30 mph to 50 mph i.e. 48 km per hour to 80km per hour in just 6 seconds.
  • You can achieve a top speed of over 70mph (112 km/h) when you ride between 50-60 mph (80-96 km/h).
  • The bike is embedded with a 7-kW onboard charger that can fully charge the battery pack in about 90 minutes only.
  • This RE bike has twin shock absorbers at the back and 37 MM telescope forks at the front, which supports the suspension to perform well.
  • The brakes include a 280 mm front disc with a 4 – pot calliper and a 240mm rear disc.

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Appearances Of The Photon

To ensure that the classic look of this bike remains intact, RE didn’t really alter the design of the motorcycle. The stock fog lamps have been changed and they are the bike’s side turn signals now. The black wheels are wrapped In Michelin Sirag tyres.

However, we do not believe that the company will diverge much from its core design philosophy. That said, in most certainty, expect the Royal Enfield new launch bike to have a street cruiser design with some modern touches to justify itself as a premium electric motorcycle.

The company’s recent approach has been to make the brand more accessible to the masses and in the process, it is also rumoured to launch a 250CC motorcycle soon.

What is the Royal Enfield Electric Bike Price in India?

The Royal Enfield Bullet (RE Bullet) 350 electric bike starting price at ex-showroom Delhi is Rs. 1.27 lakh. Whereas, the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 X Electric Bike Price starts at Rs. 1.60 Lakh.

Comparing the same, Royal Enfield Photon Electric Bike will cost you a huge amount as the Price of Royal Enfield Photon is tagged at Rs. 19 Lakhs in India.

Top 3 Royal Enfield Bike models might launch

However, there is a list of other bike models as well which might launch in the final quarter of 2021. But it totally depends on the recovery situation of COVID-19 pandemic. If everything goes well, you can see these Royal Enfield New Launch Bike in the market soon:

  1. Royal Enfield Meteor 350
  2. RE | Royal Enfield Hunter
  3. Royal Enfield Classic 350

Why Royal Enfield?

As the electric motorcycle segment is the fastest-growing sector in the global market, many popular 2-wheeler manufacturing brands like Harley Davidson Electric Bike are applying their mechanism to introduce new products in this segment. Moreover, Royal Enfield is one of those bike manufacturers which has confirmed their Electronic Vehicle making strategy. While others are planning to reveal their strategy soon.

Besides, you can come across many fraudulent articles getting published on the internet. And those declares about the launching of the Photon – new electric bike of Royal Enfield. But you shouldn’t consider those as a right piece of article. Because so far, the company has not declared the official launching date of the new electric bike Photon.

We are waiting to get rid of this covid-19 pandemic situations, And so, the company will also decide and declare about the Royal Enfield new launch Bike Photon.

So, we suggest you keep connected with the Official Site of Royal Enfield for further and accurate information. However, you can also keep checking on RashGear for upcoming updates.

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