Best Electric Scooter In India To Buy In 2022

Still Thinking and looking for what electric scooter to buy in 2022? Here are some of the upcoming & Best electric scooter in India. In our list, we are helping you to buy the best electric scooter so not thinking about it, and read the article till the end to get all details about the best Electric scooty price in India, mileage, speed, specs, and more.

List Of 6 Best Electric Scooter In India 2022

Hero Electric AE-8

cheapest electric scooter in india

Hero Electric AE-8 is one of the cheapest electric scooter in India and cost you just Rs.70000 INR at ex-showroom ratesBoth sides of Hero Electric AE-8 brakes got drum brakes and the tires are tubeless. Also, the best mileage electric scooter in India in single charge can run around 80 km with a top speed of 45 kmph.

Honda PCX Electric

Honda PCX Price In India

Honda Motor gives the best electric scooter India called Honda PCX Electric. The Honda PCX Electric Price in India at ex-showroom charges you around Rs1.45 Lakhs and the expected launch of the latest electric scooter TVS will be February 2022.

What makes it different and the best e-scooter is this scooter got Disc brakes on both sides is front and back. Honda PCX Electric batteries are 50.4 V and take three to four hours to charge completely.

Bird ES1+

Bird ES1+ electric scooter price in india

Another best escooter in India 2022 called ES1 + is about to release in February 2022. Bird ES1+ price in India is Rs.60000 in an ex-showroom price and also, it makes another cheapest electric scooter in India to buy.

Bird ES1+ Battery takes seven to eight hours to charge completely and it got a 60 V capacity that gives 55 km Pretty cool huh! And another surprise waits for you it even got disc brakes on both sides of the e-scooter. 

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TVS Creon – Best Electric Scooter In India

best electric scooter in india 2022

The TVS Creon is a top electric scooter in Indiain terms of mileage specs it gives 80 km in a single charge and goes zero to 60 KM/h in just five seconds. TVS Creon got motor power of 12 kw and battery capacity of 49 Ah too also, more than 80% battery chargeable in just one hour.

New TVS Creon is expected to launch around April 2022 and Creon Price in India will be approximately Rs. 1.2 Lakhs. TVS Creon feature got Bluetooth -enabled digital console and disc brake on both front and backside of e-scooter with ABS braking system and tires are tubeless.

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Super Soco Cumini

Super Soco Cumini Price in india

Super Soco Cumini is best electric scooter India for city riders and women. Super Soco Cumini is expected to launch in April 2022 with a price tag of Rs.90000 at ex-showroom rates.

Soco Cumini e-scooter got a battery capacity of 20 Ah and it takes eight hours to charge completely. On a single charge, Soco Cumini gives a mileage of 60 to 70 km respectively and goes a top speed of 45 kmph whereas the front side and backside of soco cumini got disc brakes too.

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Vespa Elettrica

latest electric scooter Vespa Elettrica Price in India

Vespa Elettrica originally planned to release in 2021 but postponed the launch date of July 2022 with a price list of the ex-showroom rate of Rs.90000.

Vespa Elettrica one of the Best Electric Scooter In India got a different motor from another e-scooter DC motor powering up to 3600W with belt drive whereas front brake got disc brake and rear brake is drum brake. Vespa Elettrica battery charging time is 3.5 hours with 100 km mileage of single charge.

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