Ola Electric Car Price In India, Launch, Specs

Ola Electric Car Price In India, Launch, Specs

Ola Electric is an Indian manufacturer (Bangalore-based) of electric vehicles. After the success of the Ola Electric Scooter, the company is going to launch an electric car and below we will see the Ola Electric Car Price with all the essential details.

Ola is a Bangalore-based start-up and it has decided to develop its electric cars. This company had decided to establish Global Design Centre in Bangalore. Ola had already hired some design experts to accomplish the goal (To make electric cars). Photo of the new Ola electric car had been shared on social media by the company CEO.

Ola Electric Mobility PVT. Ltd is known for providing transit services. This Company provides the platform to work with driver-partners, cities, manufacturers, vehicle battery companies, etc., to make technologies feasible in daily mobility. Ola’s founder is Bhavish Aggarwal (Ola electric).

Ola Electric Car Price in India


The Ola electric hatchback price can be affordable. Perhaps the design of the Ola electric car is inspired by the Nissan Leaf EV and has 5 doors with many glass panels inside the cabin. The handles of the car door are not visible in the picture shared.

Ola Electric Car Interior & Features

Ola Electric Car Price In India, Launch, Specs

This car might be inspired by tesla’s design. It seems to look like tesla. The ola electric will have a compact cabin. However, we cannot see the cabin in the teaser. sporty alloy wheels will be special in the car. There will be a clean-sheet design. The model will be more sophisticated after production.

The charging problem is the biggest problem of all the Electric Vehicle manufacturing in India. Ola is likely to establish a wide charging network spread across the country. Ola will install 1 lakh charging stations in 400 cities( in India). However, these charging stations. These charging stations will be used to charge two-wheelers only.

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The company had set up a manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu and this is the largest plant of Electric Vehicle two-wheeler. This plant was established with the investment of Rs 2400 crore and It can produce 20 lakh scooters annually. Perhaps ola electric cars will be manufactured at this manufacturing plant.

After the launch of this car, Tata Nexon and Maruti electric cars will be their competitors. However technical details are not shared till now. Ola Electric seems to be a future plan.

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