Pure EV ETrance Price, Specifications, Mileage, Backup & More

Pure EV ETrance NEO Price in India, Mileage, Backup & Specifications

A Hyderabad-based company has launched an electric scooter named Pure EV ETrance in India. The classy look and comfortable seating make it more attractive than any other electric vehicle existing in the market.

However, all the models manufactured by Pure EV company are the best unisex electric scooter which specially made for Indian roads and heavy traffic. Their vehicle is equipped with lots of storage space and offers a good performance to riders.

Let’s see the details about the most popular of 2 Pure EV electric vehicles.

Pure EV ETrance NEO Full Details

Pure EV ETrance NEO Price, Mileage, Image, Full Specifications

Pure EV NEO is one of the most affordable and durable electric vehicles in the current Indian market. The long-lasting lithium battery gives you long-range to ride without any worry. The emission and anxiety-free vehicle give you happy transportation facilities as well.

Pure EV ETrance NEO Mileage

The inbuilt 2.5KWH portable battery gives you the range of 90 KM to 120 KM mileage once it is fully charged.

EV ETrance NEO Color Options

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Silver

ETrance NEO Features

Pure EV ETrance NEO Price, Mileage, Image, Full Specifications

The front-wheel size of Pure EV NEO is 90/100 and the rear wheel is 3.00-10. This Electric Scooty has a 4 inch MF LCD and can give you gradability of up to 12-degree.

Carrying the goods with your NEO ETrance is very comfortable as it can hold up to 150 KG of goods on the vehicle.

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ETRance NEO Key Specifications

Model ETrance NEO
Battery 60V 2.5 KWh Portable
Battery Casing Metallic
Blinkers Left/ Right Blinkers in Rear and Front
BMS Smart Active Balance 50A
Brake Disc (F) & Drum (R)
Brake Lights Included
Cells NMC 18650 3C Ultra Performance
Charger Output CC-CV Portable 67.2V 10A
Controller 60V 20 Tube Vector Looped
Display 4 Inch LCD Display
External Charging Port Yes
Gradeability 12 degree
Head Lamp LED
Ladies Footrest Yes
Motor 1.5 KW nominal and 2.2 KW Peak BLDC Motor
Mudguards Alloy – Rear and Front
Reflector Yes
Regenerative Braking Yes
Rim Cast Alloy
Seat Comfortable Seating for 2 PAX
Security Anti-theft Smart Lock
Throttle Twist Throttle
Tyre Front 90/100—10
Tyre Rear 3.00—10

Pure EV ETrance NEO Price

Pure EV ETrance NEO Image, Mileage, Price, Full Specifications

The price of Pure EV ETrance NEO can cost you around 79,000 INR. The ex-showroom and on-road price of Pure NEO may vary based on accessories, handling, delivery, fitting, and location or your purchase.

PURE EV ETrance Specifications

It comes with an alloy body with a 48V 60Nm Torque with a LED headlight fitted at the front. The EV Etrance has a portable 1000W battery and a CC-CV portable 54.6V 5A battery charger with 3-4 hours of charging time and up to 60 KM of backup per charge.

Pure EV ETrance Blue - Best Electric Vehicle India

EV Etrance is designed with cast-aluminum wheels and drum brakes. This electric bike is also provided with twist throttle, telescopic front suspension, alloy rims, and pedals with a 12% gradability which makes the rider more comfortable during the ride.

Rear and front Blinkers are included in this vehicle with alloy rear and front mudguards which prevent the rider to drive safely in muddy waters.

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ETrance Colour Options

Pure EV ETrance Price in India

It is available in 5 different Colour variants –

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Dark Pink
  • White
  • Yellow

You can find all colour variants in your nearby bike showroom.

Mileage of EV ETrance – The Best Electric Scooter in India

Pure EV ETrance Yellow - Best Electric Vehicle India

This EV Etrance, a two-wheeler, aka scooty, can pick up a speed of 0 to 40 KM/H in 5 secs only. This fast pick-up added it to the list of High-Speed Electric Scooter India.

EV ETrance Extra features

Pure EV ETrance is provided with a smart lock with an anti-theft feature and side stand sensor. It is one of the most popular electric scooters in India that is embedded in a high torque motor with rear suspension. Additionally, you will get a durable and comfortable saddle that is engineers to give a relaxing sitting position.

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Pure EV ETrance Price

Pure EV ETrance Pink - Best Electric Vehicle India

The price of PURE EV ETrance starts at Rs. 51,999 and goes up to Rs. 56,999. PURE EV ETrance, the two-wheeler electric bike is offered in 2 variants – ETrance STD and the top variant ETrance Plus which comes at a price tag of Rs. 56,999.

ETrance Price List (Variants)

  • Pure EV ETrance STD: Rs.51,999
  • ETrance Plus: Rs.56,999

The on-road price of Pure Etrance, an electric vehicle in Delhi starts at Rs. 51,999.

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Price List of PURE EV Electric Scooter, Hyderabad, India

Electric Vehicle – Two WheelersPriceTop Speed
PURE EPlutoRs. 71,999*25 KM/h
PURE EPluto 7GRs. 83,999*60 KM/h
ETrance NEORs. 78,999*60 KM/h
ETrance+Rs. 67,999*25 KM/h
ETron+Rs. 39,999*20 KM/h

Comparission Between Pure EV ETrance+ and Pure EV ETrance NEO

SpecsPure EV ETrance+Pure EV ETrance NEO
Range85 KM90-120 KM
Speed25 KM/h60 KM/h
Cell1.8 KWH Ultra Performance Cell2.5 KWH Ultra Performance Cell
Load Bearing CapacityUp to 120 KGUp to 150 KG
Gradeability7 Degree12 Degree

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