Piaggio One Electric Scooter Price in India, Top Speed, Mileage, Specs

Piaggio One Electric Scooter Price in India, Top Speed, Mileage, Specs

The Italian brand Piaggio is one of the global leaders in the two-wheeler industry. They focusing on improving the electric scooter segment in India. It is likely to release the three variants of Piaggio One Electric Scooter that is Piaggio one, Piaggio one plus, and Piaggio one active. All three variants having the same design look, yet different performance is present in each variant of Piaggio.

Piaggio One Electric Scooter Battery & Engine

Piaggio one consists of motor power of 1.2kW and a peak torque of 85Nm. The battery capacity of the Piaggio Electric Scooter is 1.4kw/h, 48volts, and 29 Ah.

Piaggio one plus got motor power of 1.2 KW and peak torque of 85 NM. The battery specs are 2.3kWh, 48Volts, 48Ah.

Piaggio one active having motor power of 2.0 kW and peak torque of 90 NM. Its battery capacity is 2.3kW/H, 48Volts, 48Ah. The Piaggio electric scooter will come with swappable batteries.

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One Electric Scooter Piaggio Performance

Piaggio one runs 55 KM on a single charge battery and Piaggio One Top Speed is 55 KM/h. One plus Piaggio can give the highest mileage of 100 KM with a single charge and Piaggio one Plus Top Speed will be around 45 KM/L.

Piaggio one active rides 85 KM in a single charge of battery and Piaggio one active top speed of 60 KM/L. The battery charging time of six hours for all variants respectively.

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Brakes and Suspension

Piaggio One Electric Scooter Price in India, Top Speed, Mileage, Specs

There are disc brakes on both sides of the e-scooter with a size of 175 MM. All three variants in the Piaggio electric-scooter share the same brake specification. The Upcoming Piaggi gives the front suspension of a single-sided trailing link. Back suspension of double-sided swingarm suspended on twin shock absorbers. The electric-scooter wheel might have 10- inch that fits for urban use.

Piaggio One Electric Scooter Price in India & Launch

There isn’t any confirmation from officials related to Piaggio One Electric Vehicle Price and launch date in India so far. However, we can expect to have this Electric Scooter under 1 Lakh rupees at the showroom.

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Design of Piaggio

Piaggio variants are particularly designed for urban style and a better look. Even they borrowed sibling scooter styles from Vespa and Aprilla. Piaggio wants to give a better riding experience for both the rider and pillion. The electric scooter lookout things are spacious footwell and offer plenty of storage space in the under-seat compartment. All Piaggio’s three variants give two ride modes.

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More features of Piaggio One Electric Scooters

Piaggio variants got color options of monotone and dual-tone. Piaggio variants got more features like complete digital instrument cluster, USB Charging, sleek vertically positioned dual headlamps, turn signal lights left and right.

To attract more audience, they offer extra key features include the remote start of e-scooter, single-piece seat, sporty side panels, and edgy tail lamp, remote tracking, scooter diagnostics with anti-theft measures. E- scooters are attached to a smartphone application for better access. Stay with Rash gear for and official updates from Piaggio.

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