How Does Insurance Bike Bajaj Claim Process Work?

How Does Insurance Bike Bajaj Claim Process Work?

Bike insurance is a financial policy under which a company assures to pay you a lump sum amount in case of any damage to your bike or injury to you. For this, you have to first register with the company’s policy and pay them an annual premium. Here we are going to understand how the insurance bike Bajaj claim process works and what are the requirements and further processes to claim it.

Register For The Insurance Bike Bajaj Claim

To register an insurance bike Bajaj claim for your bike, you need to contact the insurance company, and for this, the company has made the process hassle-free by providing their toll-free contact no. on their website. Besides, you can also register the claim online on their portal, after which the customer executive or agent will contact you. 

Once you register the insurance claim, you will receive a claim insurance reference number from customer support, or you can also call their toll-free number to get the reference number.

Requirements To Claim For Bajaj Bike Insurance

After you register for the insurance bike Bajaj claim you must know what the requirements are in case of any mishap. So, here are the things you are going to need or provide the company for your bike insurance claim at Bajaj.

  • Your contact number
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Description and location of the accident
  • Vehicle Inspection address
  • Engine and Chassis number
  • Kilometer reading

These are the things you were going to need at the time of the insurance bike Bajaj claim. It’s better to always be ready with all these things beforehand so that you don’t have to face any problems in time of emergency.

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Sending Your Vehicle For Repair

Next, the insurance provider will suggest you move your vehicle to the garage or it’s better you get it towed from the place of the accident or breakdown to avoid any further damage to it. At the garage, you have to pay only the voluntary amount of the Bajaj insurance bike price. In case of theft, you will need to file a written complaint with the police and forward it to the insurance company.

If your vehicle will not found by the police within 90 days, then you need to ask the police to issue you a non-traceable report. It is an undertaking that they cannot find your bike, and you have to forward this report to the company. After which, the insurance provider will move for further process.

Survey and Claiming

Based on the nature of your claim insurance, you will have to submit all copies of your documents to your preferred garage or dealer and match them with the originals. The insurance company will repair your vehicle at the network garage and pay directly. You just need to ensure the voluntary cost of the Bajaj insurance bike price.

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In this article, we saw how the insurance bike Bajaj claim processes work and its requirements. Moreover, bike insurance by Bajaj works similarly to other insurance policies providing financial protection to the insurance holder in case of damages. Lastly, you must understand the terms and conditions of the insurance properly before buying it.

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