How To Use Hero Connect? A Step By Step Guide

How To Use Hero Connect? A Step By Step Guide

India’s biggest two-wheeler manufacturer is Heromoto Corp and it Introduced “Hero connects”. Hero Connect device gives security and safety encompasses Topple Alerts, Geo-Fence Alert, Live Tracking, Speed Alert and Tow Away Alert, etc. Hero connect is an advanced feature in Hero Connect Scooty.

Hero Connect APK is an android app for hero connects and it is the latest version. The developer of this app is Hero MotoCorp Ltd. This App is available on Google play. Telematics Hardware along with a built-in SIM is present in the vehicle.

Advantages of Hero connect


There are various benefits of Hero connect which are given below:-

  • There is a safety and topple alert when a vehicle topples. Hero connect app is notified and SMS is sent to the registered mobile number. 
  • It gives trip analysis regarding distance traveled and time taken. IT calculates the trips of the last 6 months.
  • It gives the speed alert when the speed limit set is surpassed. An app notification is set. 
  • It can do live tracking of the vehicle and provides information about the vehicle path.
  • It provides a tow-away alert. vehicle movement (unauthorized ) can be detected. APP notification and SMS are sent to the registered mobile number. 
  • There is a Geofence alert option. Notification is sent to the app when the vehicle starts from a place and reaches the final destination.

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Ultimate Features of Hero Connect APK

Advantages of Hero connect

Hero connects is the next level of connectivity with the view to safety and security. This is the first motorcycle which is offering mobile phone connectivity to riders. Hero connect t is the cloud-based riding for the users of this bike. 

There are several benefits of Hero connect. An individual is always connected with his vehicle. Driving insights are based on the behavioral patterns (of riders). Prior to hero connect XPulse 200 was the first motorcycle to connect through mobile phone to riders. Rs 4,999 is the price (Hero connect price). This is a highly advanced technology in the two-wheeler. Dealerships of Hero connect are available in Noida, Delhi, and Pune(with a one-year subscription). 

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There is an alert mechanism in the vehicle which sends a notification and SMS to the user regarding vehicle topple or accident, Tow Away Alert, Speed Alert, Live Tracking, Geo-Fence Alert, etc while it is connected with Hero Connect App. Alert is given when the two-wheeler crosses the speed limit. It gives feedback on certain parameters s like acceleration, speeding and idling, hard brakes.

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