Harley Fat Bob Mileage, Speed, Engine Specs & Features

Harley Fat Bob Mileage, Speed, Engine Specs & Features

Harley Davidson launched its model Harley Fat Bob in the year of 1979. The “fat” includes in its name because of its twin fat oil tanks, which give it an extra bulky look, and “bob” includes because of its cut-down mudguards.

The Harley Fat Bob is a sporty cruiser motorcycle from the 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail range. The Muscular Cruiser with Ghost Design makes a difference in itself. This bike is such that you can happily use it every day, and when it walks on the roads, people’s eyes do not take away from it. 

Specifications of the Harley fat bob bike

Here we will discuss the important specification and features of this bike which will impress you if you are going to search for an extraordinary bike. So, let’s begin with the important points which are very helpful.

Chassis and Suspension

The Fat Bob offers a fun riding experience, and as mentioned earlier, it is built on a completely new base, which is given in all the Softail family. This new architecture is a complete departure from traditional Harley-Davidson engineering. This is because a completely new frame has been used in it and is 6-8 kg lighter and 65 percent stronger than the old Softail frame. 

Apart from this, the rear wheel is attached to this frame using a swing ‘arm’, which looks like the hard part of the chassis, but the mono shock is hidden under the rear seat. One of the great things Harley-Davidson has done here is that the monoshock remote is preload adjustable.


The front suspension is also quite modern and gets chunky 43 MM inverted front forks, which seem to have been pulled straight from the sports bike. The Fat Bob is the only bike in the 2018 Softail lineup to feature upside-down forks and is mounted at a rake angle of 28 degrees – the fastest of all Softails.

 Apart from this, if we talk about switching gears, then it is also a bit old, but it is quite easy to access them. However, it has heavy metal on the switch gear on the bike.


The great feature is the low posture of the bike; the seat height is just 720 MM. Due to this low-height seat, the 309 KG weight of the bike can be easily handled without any fear. The layout of the seat is also great, and it is quite comfortable, and its shape lets you lay on your back against the neck-snapping acceleration of the Fat Bob. Also, if you are planning to have a separate rear seat for this bike, then this is the best plan, as the rear seat almost seems like a joke.

Engine and performance

The new Milwaukee Eight 107 motor – 1745 CC of American V-twin muscle has been given in the 2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob. This engine generates torque of 145 Nm at 3000 RPM. It’s also a modern engine, at least in some ways, but with 4-valve cylinders, the mileage of this bike is 18.2 to 20KM/L. The exhaust valves are oil-cooled, and the traditional under the seat has been replaced with the oil reservoir dumped in the engine sputter in favor of an oil pan, reducing the amount of heat felt by riders. 


Here we will discuss some incredible handling skills of this incredible Harley-fat bob bike. Like the word “Fat” attached to its name, but it’s surprisingly agile. But here we would like to say that the steering seems a bit heavy, but let us tell you that there are chunky 150/80-16 tires at the front and 180/70-16 tires, almost like a sports bike at the rear.

Twin discs and 4-piston calipers have been given at the front of the bike, and 2-piston calipers have been given with a single floating disc in the rear. ABS is standard in these, due to which you can easily stop even at the speed of 80kmph. Overall, the Fat Bob delivers a muscular performance through its handle, which is capable of earning it the name of Muscle Cruisers.

Harley Fat Bob Price in USA

The Harley Fat Bob price is $18,329.962 (ex-showroom), but you will not find it cheap in any way. If you are going to buy Harley-Davidson in the market, then Fat Bob can be included on your radar. And if you are not a Harley fanboy, then take a test ride and try it out; you might change your mind.  

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We have discussed all the important information that you need to know about the Harley fat bob before buying. You can check the details and can go to buy a new Harley fat bob for you; here, we have discussed the price, feature, engine, and handling capacity of this bike. Hope the article will be helpful to you and provide you with the basic data and information about the bike because here we have tried to cover all the information that will help you.

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