What Are The Best BMWMotorcycles To Buy In America?

BMW is a brand of vehicles that is highly specialized in its models, features, and speed. There are varieties of BMW Motorcycles available, but there are some killer bikes too. They are best by their speed and models. BMW company is an automobile company that is the subsidiary of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG in Germany. 

If you know history, then it started with aircraft engines, and now its brand name is famous all over the world. Nowadays, BMW not only makes high-end cars but also produces motorcycles under the motorcycle division, BMW Motorrad.

Moreover, BMW has increased the initial model of motorcycles and further released electric bikes to the public.

So, this article will provide you with the best BMW motorcycle to buy in America if you are residing there.

5 Types of Motorbikes Available in the USA

You can see various models available in the USA for motorbikes which are highly in demand buy. These are;-

1] Sport Motorbikes

When you use a Sports motorbike, then you notice its speed and grip. These are expended on the highest and most precise information. So, these bikes are prepared to give everything of your demand.

2] Touring Motorbikes

BMW Touring motorcycles reduce every mile of your journey. These are the best bikes for touring road miles in the US. The comfort, technology, and performance are just awesome. 2023 K 1600 Grand America is the best touring bike with pure riding pleasure.

3] Roadster Bikes

Roadster bikes are collective models riding bikes for unlimited fun, challenge, and exposure on the road. Your roads are destiny, and roadster bikes are the medium to reach your goals.

4] Heritage Motorcycles

Heritage is the word that connects roads to the sky. So, this heritage bike gives you the freedom between the road and the sky.

5] Adventure Motorbikes

Adventure motorbikes give you a true feeling of racing and exposure. The beauty and rough challenges make BMW adventure bikes interesting. Here, you just test your fears and win them.

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Top 5 Best BMWMotorcycles to Buy In America

BMW motorcycles in America are just a unique way to invest your exposure. Here are the company’s best 5 BMWs in America.

1] BMW K1

BMW k1 is a high-quality BMW touring bike designed and manufactured by BMW company from 1988 to 1993. 

This bike was designed to give a rebrand of the BMW motorcycle liners in the eyes of the media. The K1 bikes have various features like;-

  • Engine up to 987 CC and DOHC valve train with four cylinders.
  • Power includes 100 hp power, but only 95hp power is used in the US due to restrictions.
  • Weight up to 234 kg.
  • The price of a BMW K1 is around $26,000.
  • Here, you can experience the mileage up to 15kmph.

2] BMW Kompressor

A BMW type 255 Kompressor is a twin motorcycle from the 1930s. This car was created by George Mierer in 1939. Let’s look up the features of this bike:-

  • BMW Kompressor’s top speed is up to 220 km/h.
  • This is a street racing car.
  • BMW Kompressor engines include a 492cc DOHC supercharged boxer twin with an aluminum cylinder.
  • The power consumption of this motorcycle is 60hp.

3] BMW R1150RT

BMW R1150RT is the best option for the touring series by Motorrad. This bike is the verified version of the BMW R series of roadster motor bicycles from 1996 to 2001. The predecessor of this bike is R100RT, and the successor is R1150RT. The important features of this bike are the following;-

  • The engine comprises 1300cc, flat twin, four valves per cylinder, and is air-cooled.
  • Power comprising 66 kW( 90 hp) at 720 rpm. 
  • The weight of his bike is 279 kg.
  • This has a top speed of  125 mph/201 km/h.

4] BMW K1600GT

Another best BMW motorcycle is BMW K1600GT which comes with three color options fitted with the six-cylinder in-line engine that offers a smooth and powerful ride. The best features of his bike are;-

  • The engine capacity of 1649 cc with transmission of six-speed.
  • This bike has an average weight of 321 kg.
  • The average ex-showroom BMW K1600GT price is $26,895.
  • The power consumption is around 160 hp at 7750 rotations.

5] BMW HP2 Enduro

The BMW hp2 enduro is a BMWMotorcycles manufactured by Motorrad from 2005 to 2008. This is a high-performance (hp) based on the engine and electronics. Later, this was discontinued in 2008. The basic features of the hp2 enduro bike;-

  • The weight of his bike is around 386 lb or 175 kg.
  • The engine covers 1170 cc.
  • The BMW HP2 Enduro price is around $25,375.
  • The top speed of his bike is 210 km/h.

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In concluding this article, you now know what are the best BMWMotorcycles to buy in America. There are a number of BMW motorcycles which are produced by Motorrad. So, evaluate yourself with the key features of different motorcycles available in the US. 

You also know about different models of bikes that give the best experience in biking. So, just move your head towards these bikes and tour around the roads of the USA.

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