Best BMW Motorcycles – BMW 1200 & BMW 1600 Price With Features

Best BMW Motorcycles - BMW 1200 & BMW 1600 Price With Features

BMW motorcycles are highly popular due to tech features, comfortable riding, sleek designs, and sports handling with solid built quality. Covering almost 200000 miles is the utmost lifespan of these motorcycles. Also, the cost to maintain, repair, and insure a motorcycle is considered since it’s usually less than a car.

You have various models of BMW motorcycles that vary in quality and specifications. 

So, if you are searching for the best BMW motorcycles to buy, then this article is useful to you. 

Top 5 BMW Motorcycles To Buy

Here is the list of the top 5 best BMW motorcycles to buy around the world with specifications like speed, mileage, etc.

1] BMW K1200R

BMW k1200 r is the naked sports motorcycle manufactured between 2005 and 2008 by BMW Motorrad. The specifications are-

  • The engine comprises 1157 CC (70.6cu) with an anti-knock sensor.
  • The power of the BMW k1200r is 163 hp(122kw) @10,250 rpm.
  • The suspension consists of a rear mono-shock and a front duo ever fork.
  • With dual disc front, disc rear brakes are available on this model.
  • The speed of this motorcycle is 170mph with a fuel capacity of 19 liters.
  • The BMW K1200R price is 122.06 United States dollars on road and 362.42 United States dollars with annual service.

2] BMW k1200s

BMW k 1200 is another best model of BMW Motorrad from 2004 to 2008. The specifications are-

  • The engine capacity is 1157 CC with 16v in-line four, 6 gears, and a fuel capacity of 19 liters. 
  • The mileage of the motorcycle is around 41 miles per gallon.
  • The overall performance, quality, and reliability are top quality in BMW k1200s.
  • The top speed is 170 mph.
  • Weight consists of 227 BMW k 1200s.
  • The BMW K 1200S price is $14,020.00.

3] BMW k1600

The recent models of BMW Motorrad are K1600GT, K1600GTL, and K 1600B, which are advanced from the BMW k 1600. The specifications are-

  • The engine of the BMW k1600 consists of 1649 CC (100.6cu’)
  • If you see a compression ratio, then it consists of 12.2:1.
  • The power consumption is around 118 kW(160) hp with 7750 rpm.
  • The BMW k1600 covers a mileage of around 15-16 km.
  • The average weight of a BMW 1600 motorcycle is 332 – 348 Kg.
  • BMW k 16oo covers the speed with the engine capacity of 26.5 Litres.
  • The BMW k 1600 on-road price is around 1,256.64 USD.

4] BMW k1600gt

BMW k1600 gt is the best model to follow for your recommendations. But, one of the demerits is that it is discontinued in India. Although, these BMW motorcycles are still in demand in foreign countries. The specifications are-

  • The engine capacity of BMW k 1600 gt is 1649 CC with 6-speed manual control.
  • Kerb’s weight is around 321 kg with 24 liters of fuel capacity.
  • The max power of 1600 gt is 158 bhp.
  • The last known average BMW k 1600 gt on road price is around 37,699.20 USD dollars.

5] BMW k 1600 GTL

BMW k1600 GTL is another best model for 2018 and 2019. The various specifications are-

  • The engine consists of 1649 CC with 4 cylinders.
  • The mileage covers a distance of 16 km.
  • The power of the 1600 GTL motorcycle is 160.4 bhp.
  • If you see the weight of this motorcycle, then it comprises 348 kg. 
  • The speed of this bike is the utmost same as the BMW 1600 other models.
  • The estimated BMW k 1600 gtl price is 35,185.92 USD.


At the end of this article, you know about the best top models of BMW motorcycles which are highly famous for their speed and mileage. There are other models too which are best alternatives to this model like BMW 1600, BMW s 1000 RR, and more.

So, go on these thriller bikes to explore our adventure, sports, etc.

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