Ford Bronco Upcoming Car Price in India, Mileage, Features

Latest Update on 2021 Ford Bronco Upcoming Car Features And Specifications

After being in production for the last few years, the Ford Bronco Upcoming Car has become the most advanced and powerful SUV ever seen by mankind in the pages of history. And the car has become very successful.

We all know that those who have owned a Ford Car Bronco have been fans of it for years. Somehow, now the brand decided to launch the new model of Ford Bronco in 2021. So the wait of many enthusiasts is about to end!

The semi-retro exterior, complete with modern interiors and removable doors and roofs, presents a new beginning of off-roading of the 2021 Ford Bronco Upcoming Car. The affordable price of it has made it accessible to millions of buyers who were waiting for years to see this day.

What Are The 2021 Ford Bronco Upcoming Features?

Let’s check out the upcoming Ford Bronco 2021 Features:

Exterior Features

1.      Appearance

  • This model has a manual swing-gate with swings up to 1500 degrees.
  • It has flip-up rear glass.
  • It has 4 soft doors.
  • The Ford Bronco car has active grille shutters.
  • It also has daytime running lamps, which makes the car more attractive.
  • This car has two doors with carbonized grey colour.
  • There are two hooks – 2 front, 1 rear.
  • It has a bottle opener which is located in the cargo area.
  • It has heavy-duty modular front bumpers

2.      Windows And Glass

  • The front window has variable intermittent, continuous wiper, and a washer.
  • The car’s rear window has a single-speed break, continuous wiper, and a washer.

Interior Features

Its interior design is so beautiful that it will easily attract you and will make you eager to buy. These new design features have been developed a lot from the old Ford Bronco. Let’s check the interior features:

  • The car has a single-zone manual climate controller in its interior.
  • Ford Bronco has remote keyless access with push-button start.
  • This car has seating for a total of 6 people.
  • The car has 8 inch LCD instrument panel.
  • The front row of the car has much storage to keep things. It has a glove box, sunglasses storage, centre floor console, and overhead console armrest.
  • 6 speakers are there for entertainment.
  • 4-8” LCD touchscreen.
  • SiriusXM with 360L
  • FordPass.
  • Cloth seating.


  • The car has four-wheel disc brakes with ABS and a stability controller.
  • This car has a standard-duty suspension.
  • It also has an electronic traction controller.
  • Trail controller for off-road which requires 10-speed transmission.
  • Electronic locking axle.


  • Engine Block Heater.
  • Post-impact barking.
  • Assisted steering.
  • Electronic parking brake.
  • Manual 7-speed transmission.
  • 2.3 Liter EcoBoost Engine.

What Are The 2021 Ford Bronco Upcoming Specification?

Here is the 2021 Upcoming Ford Bronco Specification to check out:

  • It will be launched in the spring season of 2021.
  • The main specification of the Ford Bronco is, it has a 2.3-Liter Turbo 4 cylinder gas engine.
  • There’s a 7-speed manual transmission.
  • There are all-wheel drive trains.
  • The payload capacity of it is 1,370 pounds.
  • The towing capacity is 3,500 pounds.
  • Its height is 72.9 inches.
  • The length of this car is 189.4 inches.

For stylistic impact, Ford is leaning on the first-generation 1963-1977 Bronco, yet the new truck is not as retro-paced as Ford’s own 2002-2005 Thunderbird, more successfully the contemporary Ribe Supercar of 2005-2006 GT.

A faithful, unwavering update to the war-torn Wills MB of the 1940s is that the new Ford Bronco looks like an evolution of the original one. Unlike Porche’s 911, it is as if the Ford Bronco has been in a focused, uninterrupted continuum of off-road bedside to this day.

What Are The Changes In The New Model Than Before?

The last Ford Bronco to see the product was in 1996 that it brought a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission. The latest 2021 Ford Bronco Upcoming Car measurements were 183.6 x 79.1 x 74.4 in 20. This new model will feature a mode powerful engine with removable doors, a removable top, and two body style tees.

Ford Bronco Upcoming Car

With this new one, you will have a choice between a 2.3 litre or 2.7-litre engine and 7-speed automation. The body size of the new Ford Broncos will be slightly different from the old Broncos. The new Bronco car will have the same width as the old Frond Bronco, but it will stand slightly longer with features of different lengths.

This new model will also offer two 4WD systems with an electric two-speed on-fly transfer case. It will also offer you an optional advanced system with an automatic on-demand 4H option.

Is The New Ford Bronco Car Waterproof?

The 2021 Ford Bronco Upcoming Car has got rubberized, washed floors and marine-grade vinyl seats which you can wash in two of the six regular trims – Black Diamond and Badlands. There is an integrated drain hole in the floor to drain the water after its washing.

How Much Will The New Ford Bronco Cost?

Upcoming Ford Bronco Car

The Ford Bronco is starting at a reasonable price that you will get next year, but any Ford Bronco becomes expensive because of its performance and great features. Let’s check all the prices that are mention below:

  1. Base – $30,000
  2. Big Bend- $34,500
  3. Black Diamond – $37,600
  4. Outer Banks – $40,540
  5. Badlands – $43,600
  6. Wildtrack – $50,400
  7. First Edition – $60,820

The first edition of Ford Bronco is a limited production model. The company has announced 3,500 examples of it. However, Ford decided to double the number by making it less expensive.


We hope the new Ford Bronco car features and specifications given at RashGear will variously impress you. So get ready to buy it in the next year.

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