All Aprilia Scooter Prices In India With Features

Aprilia has a strong scooter presence in India which makes it a strong value in the market. It has entered the Indian market with a 150cc bike that vows to be the speediest bike among the ones produced in India. Aprilia scooter in a more likely manner has restricted in the Indian market with the best wiping out the engine in the SRV850.

It checks out filling in the Indian market by taking advantage of the quickest developing section of all, the bike fragment.

Top 5 Best Aprilia Scooters In India 2022

Aprilia SXR 160

Aprilia SXR 160 – dazzling bike also you will a lot of need to have it. You will adore this scooter for the sheer number of features it provides, for its sleek smart design, and the power its 160cc engine exudes! Inspite of the fact that the Aprilia scooter price goes with a solid retail cost of Rs. 1.27 Lakhs yet the expense merits generally that this model offers of real value.

Aprilia SXR 125

The following one on our rundown is the dazzling Aprilia SXR 125 which feels a lot more honed and more astute than its kin. The Aprilia SXR 125 Price in India is Rs. 1,16,000 (Ex-display area).

The new Scooty Aprilia SXR125 the shrewd Aprilia bike comes in 4 alluring tones, to be specific;

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. White
  4. dark.

Pointed toward drawing in the young people of the country with its exquisite and smooth plan and strong 124cc motor, let us investigate what this bike brings to the table.

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Aprilia SR 160

aprilia sr 160 price, mileage

If you like speed and style in your bike, go for the Aprilia SR 160 without a second thought. Add to that the dangerously sharp yet smooth taking care of and phenomenal slowing down execution, and this bike is a fantasy for adolescents!

The Aprilia SR160 additionally comes in 3 variations – the Standard, the Carbon, and the Race variation. The Aprilia scooter has a comparable plan to the SR 150 variation – just with new shadings, alluring designs, and a bigger engine.

Aprilia SR 125

Starting with the engine, the Aprilia SR 125 goes with a solid air-cooled single-chamber 124.49cc motor that beats an amazing power and force of 9.92 PS and 9.7 Nm separately. While it might not seem like a lot, it delivers an immensely powerful performance!

Aprilia Storm 125

The Aprilia Storm 125, price in India between Rs. 87,082 – 92,601 this bike has been approximately founded on its kin, the SR 125. The plan of the Aprilia Storm 125 has been put together a lot with respect to the SR 125. The significant contrasts between the two are the tire arrangement, paint choices, and headlamps.

Aprilia scooter price in India

Aprilia Scooter ModelsAprilia Scooter Price
Aprilia SXR 160Rs. 1.27 Lakh 
Aprilia SXR 125Rs. 1.16 Lakh 
Aprilia SR 160Rs. 1.06 – 1.13 Lakh 
Aprilia SR 125Rs. 94,288 – 96,811
Aprilia Storm 125Rs. 87,082 – 92601 

Wrap up

Aprilia scooter truly dazzled us with their bike models- be it their features, style, or execution, each bike model has conveyed an incredible execution! Aprilia scooter price in India may be a bit high, but with a high-Performance Engine, its new design evolution will make riders rejoice at the brand experience evermore.

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