Top 18 Kia Seltos Interior, Price In India, Mileage, Colours, Features

Kia Seltos Interior, Price In India, Mileage, Colours, Features

KIA Seltos new model 2022 is launched with a significant SUV. However, there are no major changes that can be seen in 2022 Seltos compared with the old Seltos. The new Kia Seltos interior is consisting of an electric sunroof, ambient lighting, leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather seats, leather seats, front ventilated seats. 

One variant of Kia Seltos is a five-seater whereas you can also get Kia seltos 7 seater interior in another variant. The Seltos has three engine options: 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol, a 1.5-liter diesel, and 1.5-liter petrol. On average Kia Seltos diesel mileage is 20.8 KM/L while Kia Seltos mileage in petrol engine is 16.8 KM/L. 

Kia Seltos Configurations & Features

There are one diesel engine and 2 petrol Kia Seltos engines, the Diesel engine is 1493 cc and petrol engines are 1497 cc and 1353 cc respectively. The length and width of Seltos are 4315 MM and 1800 MM respectively. Overall height is 1620 MM and wheelbase is 2610 MM.

Boot space in Kia Seltos variants is 433l. Tiger nose grill (Kia Signature) and R16 – 40.62cm (16″) Wheel cover is prevalent. Diamond knurling pattern and Metal paint available. There are Front skid plates, Rear skid plates, Rear Bridged chrome garnish – Hyper metallic silver, Halogen tail lamps, Projector Headlamps, Emergency Stop signals, and Shark Fin Antenna.

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Kia Seltos Interior

Kia Seltos Price In India, Interior, Mileage, Colours, Features

As far as interior features are concerned there are Premium Headlining, inside door handle, Hyper silver metallic paint, and Premium fabric seats – Black makes it superb. There are various features given with the view to safety like Driver and Passenger Airbags, Driver and Passenger Seat Belt, Speed Sensing Door Lock, etc.

Adult occupant protection scored 85 percent and child occupant protection scored 83 percent. Top-specs comprise blind-spot monitoring, up to six airbags head-up displays, and a 360-degree camera in New Seltos Kia Car.

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Kia Seltos Color Options

  1. Intense Red
  2. Glacier White Pearl
  3. Steel Silver
  4. Gravity Gray
  5. Aurora Black Pearl
  6. Intelligency Blue
  7. Punchy Orange
  8. White Pearl + Black
  9. Orange + White
  10. White Pearl + Orange
  11. Red + Black
  12. Silver + Orange

Kia Seltos Price In India with Mileage

The starting price of Kia Seltos is Rs. 9.95 Lakh. Price goes up to Rs. 18.10 Lakh. Kia Seltos car price in India is between 9.95 lakh and 18.10. Kia Seltos on-road price is between Rs 9.89 – 16.34 Lakh.

SNModelEx-Showroom PriceStartsEngineMileageFuel Type
1Kia Seltos HTE GRs.09.95 LakhManual1497 CC16.8 KM/LPetrol
2Kia Seltos HTE DRs.10.65 LakhManual1493 CC20.8 KM/LDiesel
3Kia Seltos HTK GRs.10.84 LakhManual1497 CC16.8 KM/LPetrol
4Kia Seltos HTK Plus GRs.11.89 LakhManual1497 CC16.8 KM/LPetrol
5Kia Seltos HTK DRs.11.99 LakhManual1493 CC20.8 KM/LDiesel
6Kia Seltos HTK Plus iMTRs.12.29 LakhManual1497 CC16.8 KM/LPetrol
7Kia Seltos HTK Plus DRs.13.19 LakhManual1493 CC20.8 KM/LDiesel
8Kia Seltos HTX GRs.13.75 LakhManual1497 CC16.8 KM/LPetrol
9Kia Seltos HTK Plus AT DRs.14.15 LakhAutomatic1493 CC17.8 KM/LDiesel
10Kia Seltos HTX IVT GRs.14.75 LakhAutomatic1497 CC16.8 KM/LPetrol
11Kia Seltos HTX DRs.14.95 LakhManual1493 CC20.8 KM/LDiesel
12Kia Seltos GTX OptionRs.15.45 LakhManual1353 CC16.1 KM/LPetrol
13Kia Seltos HTX Plus DRs.15.99 LakhManual1493 CC20.8 KM/LDiesel
14Kia Seltos GTX PlusRs.16.75 LakhManual1353 CC16.1 KM/LPetrol
15Kia Seltos GTX Plus DCTRs.17.54 LakhAutomatic1353 CC16.8 KM/LPetrol
16Kia Seltos X-Line DCTRs.17.79 LakhAutomatic1353 CC17.0 KM/LPetrol
17Kia Seltos GTX Plus AT DRs.17.85 LakhAutomatic1493 CC17.8 KM/LDiesel
18Kia Seltos X-Line AT DRs.18.10 LakhAutomatic1493 CC18.0 KM/LDiesel

Note: The given list of Kia Seltos Price may vary in cities like Kia Seltos Price In Delhi, Pune, Kerala, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Lucknow, Jaipur, Mumbai, Patna, Chennai, Chandigarh, Nagur, Kolkata, Surat, Indore, Jammu, Guwahati.

To get the exact ex-showroom or Kia Seltos On Road Price, please contact your nearby Kia showroom.

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Shortlist Kia Seltos Mileage With Price & Engine

SNModelMileageEx-Showroom PriceEngineFuel TypeStarts
1Kia Seltos HTE D20.8 KM/LRs.10.65 Lakh1493 CCDieselManual
2Kia Seltos HTK D20.8 KM/LRs.11.99 Lakh1493 CCDieselManual
3Kia Seltos HTK Plus D20.8 KM/LRs.13.19 Lakh1493 CCDieselManual
4Kia Seltos HTX D20.8 KM/LRs.14.95 Lakh1493 CCDieselManual
5Kia Seltos HTX Plus D20.8 KM/LRs.15.99 Lakh1493 CCDieselManual
6Kia Seltos X-Line AT D18.0 KM/LRs.18.10 Lakh1493 CCDieselAutomatic
7Kia Seltos HTK Plus AT D17.8 KM/LRs.14.15 Lakh1493 CCDieselAutomatic
8Kia Seltos GTX Plus AT D17.8 KM/LRs.17.85 Lakh1493 CCDieselAutomatic
9Kia Seltos X-Line DCT17.0 KM/LRs.17.79 Lakh1353 CCPetrolAutomatic
10Kia Seltos HTE G16.8 KM/LRs.09.95 Lakh1497 CCPetrolManual
11Kia Seltos HTK G16.8 KM/LRs.10.84 Lakh1497 CCPetrolManual
12Kia Seltos HTK Plus G16.8 KM/LRs.11.89 Lakh1497 CCPetrolManual
13Kia Seltos HTK Plus iMT16.8 KM/LRs.12.29 Lakh1497 CCPetrolManual
14Kia Seltos HTX G16.8 KM/LRs.13.75 Lakh1497 CCPetrolManual
15Kia Seltos HTX IVT G16.8 KM/LRs.14.75 Lakh1497 CCPetrolAutomatic
16Kia Seltos GTX Plus DCT16.8 KM/LRs.17.54 Lakh1353 CCPetrolAutomatic
17Kia Seltos GTX Option16.1 KM/LRs.15.45 Lakh1353 CCPetrolManual
18Kia Seltos GTX Plus16.1 KM/LRs.16.75 Lakh1353 CCPetrolManual

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Higher Kia Seltos Engine Power With Mileage & Price

Kia Seltos Price In India, Interior, Mileage, Colours, Features
SNModelEngineStartsFuel TypeMileageEx-Showroom Price
1Kia Seltos HTE G1497 CCManualPetrol16.8 KM/LRs.09.95 Lakh
2Kia Seltos HTK G1497 CCManualPetrol16.8 KM/LRs.10.84 Lakh
3Kia Seltos HTK Plus G1497 CCManualPetrol16.8 KM/LRs.11.89 Lakh
4Kia Seltos HTK Plus iMT1497 CCManualPetrol16.8 KM/LRs.12.29 Lakh
5Kia Seltos HTX G1497 CCManualPetrol16.8 KM/LRs.13.75 Lakh
6Kia Seltos HTX IVT G1497 CCAutomaticPetrol16.8 KM/LRs.14.75 Lakh
7Kia Seltos HTE D1493 CCManualDiesel20.8 KM/LRs.10.65 Lakh
8Kia Seltos HTK D1493 CCManualDiesel20.8 KM/LRs.11.99 Lakh
9Kia Seltos HTK Plus D1493 CCManualDiesel20.8 KM/LRs.13.19 Lakh
10Kia Seltos HTX D1493 CCManualDiesel20.8 KM/LRs.14.95 Lakh
11Kia Seltos HTX Plus D1493 CCManualDiesel20.8 KM/LRs.15.99 Lakh
12Kia Seltos X-Line AT D1493 CCAutomaticDiesel18.0 KM/LRs.18.10 Lakh
13Kia Seltos HTK Plus AT D1493 CCAutomaticDiesel17.8 KM/LRs.14.15 Lakh
14Kia Seltos GTX Plus AT D1493 CCAutomaticDiesel17.8 KM/LRs.17.85 Lakh
15Kia Seltos X-Line DCT1353 CCAutomaticPetrol17.0 KM/LRs.17.79 Lakh
16Kia Seltos GTX Plus DCT1353 CCAutomaticPetrol16.8 KM/LRs.17.54 Lakh
17Kia Seltos GTX Option1353 CCManualPetrol16.1 KM/LRs.15.45 Lakh
18Kia Seltos GTX Plus1353 CCManualPetrol16.1 KM/LRs.16.75 Lakh

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Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos

Is it right to purchase Hyundai Creta or Kia Seltos? Comparing both the models on the basis of specifications, the price of Creta is Rs 10.16 Lakh (ex-showroom) for the E Petrol variant while Kia Seltos’s starting price is Rs. 9.95 Lakh for HTE G (Petrol).

There is a 1497 cc engine of petrol model of Creta and Seltos has 1497 cc Petrol top model engine. The mileage of Creta is 21.4 KM/L of the top Diesel model. The Seltos has a mileage of 20.8 KM/L of the Diesel top model.

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