Which One Is The Cheapest Electric Car In India?

Which One Is The Cheapest Electric Car In India

There is a wide range of electric cars and even petrol and diesel cars are available in Indian and overseas markets. It may start from Rs.3 lakh and go beyond crores. However, based on the budget and requirements, people look for the best and cheapest electric car in India.

If you are also confused to choose one of the best and cheapest electric cars, first, you need to understand the differences before making any decision.

Read on this article till the end know the fastest electric car, the cheapest EV in India, and the what are the differences between EV and regular petrol vehicles.

What Is The Cheapest Electric Car In India 2022?

Storm R3 is the cheapest electric car in India. Its cost is Rs 4.50 lakh. Whereas, the cheapest electric car in the world is EQ Fortwo. It is the minimum price in India. Tata Altroz price is 5.26 or 5.65 lakhs and this is the second cheapest electric vehicle in India. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10, this is the cheapest petrol car in India.

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What are the Fastest Electric Cars in the World?

Lotus Evija is the fastest electric car. The speed of Lotus Evija is 200+ mph. There are other cars with high speed. The speed of the Tesla Model S Plaid is 200 mph whereas the speed of Lucid Air is 168 mph. Tesla Model 3 Performance speed is 162 mph.

small electric cars in india

There are small electric cars as well and the model’s name is EQ Fortwo. Some other small electric cars are Renault Zoe, fiat 500, Peugeot e-208, Volkswagen ID.3, Honda e. Vauxhall Corsa-e, Volkswagen e-up!, SEAT Mii electric, and significantly more.

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What Are The Best Electric Cars In India?

Electric cars have electric motor engines rather than an internal combustion engines. There is a large battery pack placed in the car. Cars can be recharged by a portable charger. The invention of the first electric vehicle India happened in 1996 by the Scooter’s India Pvt Ltd. Its name was VIKRAM SAFA and 400 vehicles were prepared & sold.

There are 13 electric cars available for sale in India. For example – Tigor EV, e-Tron gt, RS e-Tron gt, Taycan etc.

There are many upcoming electric cars in India as well. More than 24 cars are going to launch in the year. A few mentions are XC40 Recharge, Futuro-e, and Cooper SE which is expected to launch in 2022-2024.

Electric Car VS Petrol Car – A Quick Comparison to Make Decision

There are lots of differences between electric cars and Petrol cars in India. A few quick comparisons are here between electric cars and petrol vehicles.

  • Maintenance cost is less in electric cars while Maintenance cost is high in petrol cars.
  • CO2 emission is almost zero in a patrol car. CO2 emission is approximately zero in electric cars.
  • As far as electric cars are concerned, the range is high in the city. Petrol cars have a high range on the highways. Whereas, Electric cars have a low range on the highways.
  • Electric cars are very economical in comparison to petrol cars.
  • Fuel cost is low in electric cars and high in patrol cars.
  • Electric cars are free from pollution but it is not applicable for petrol cars. They are not pollution-free.
  • There are fewer charging stations for electric cars. But this is not applicable for petrol cars.
  • E-cars have less life as compared to petrol cars.
  • Electric cars cost more. The cost of Electric cars is 40% less than petrol cars.
  • Electric cars don’t need much repair and maintenance costs as compared to petrol cars.
  • The commute costs of petrol cars are more as compared to electric cars.

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