Audi A6 Price In India, Mileage, Specs, Images

Audi has launched its next-generation luxury car Audi A6 which is an executive car made by a German automobile company. It is a fifth-generation successor of Audi 100 that is available in 2 variants i.e. 45 TFSI Premium Plus & 45 TFSI Technology. Both models are limited to petrol variants in India with automatic gear transmissions. Let’s see deeper about the New Audi A6 Price in India, Audi A6 Mileage, Features, Dimensions, and all.

Audi A6 Sedan Car Specifications

The company offers 4 wheel drive with an Engine Displacement of 1984 CC with 4 cylinder Turbo Charge engine. Which produces max power of 241.3 bhp at 5000 to 6500 RPM and generates a max. torque of 370 Nm at 1600 to 4500 RPM. It can hold a fuel capacity of 73 liters with a ground clearance of 165 MM which gives it a sporty look.

Audi A6 Mileage and Top Speed

The company claims that a car can input a mileage of 14.11 km per liter and the top speed of Audi’s new Car A6 can go up to 250 KM/h.

New Audi A6 Car Features

Audi A6 Price In India, Mileage, Specs, Images

Audi A6 is a 5 Seater luxury and sporty sedan in which we get Power Steering with Power Windows in front. Anti Lock Braking System and fully Air Conditioner. It offers a boot space of 560 liters. It is also loaded with Driver Air Bag and Passenger Air Bags. Audi A6 Sedan Car comes with a Fog Light in front. It consists an Alloy Wheels with Multi-Function Steering wheels.

Audi A6 Price in India

Car is available in 2 Variants in the market:

Audi 45 TFSI Premium Plus Price in India

It is the Base Model of the Audi A6 available in India. According to Ex-Showroom Price New Delhi, the company offers new Audi A6 car at Rs. 58.80 Lakh. At the same time, the latest Audi 45 TFSI On-Road Price is 68.43 Lakh with all the basic safety features.

Audi 45 TFSI Technology Price in India

TFSI 45 Technology is the Top Model Audi A6 car suggested by the company. The Audi A6 TFSI Price in India for the top model starts from Rs. 64.70 Lakh which is Ex-Showroom price and increases up to Rs. 75 Lakh On-Road Price in New Delhi with all basic features.

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Rivals Of New Audi Car A6 Sedan

Audi A6 Price In India, Mileage, Specs, Images

A6 faces direct competition from three luxury cars of this segment:

BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series is a premium luxury car. Its price starts from Rs. 67.90 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 75 Lakh.

Jaguar XF

Jaguar is purely an Indian brand from TATA. Its price starts from Rs. 71.60 Lakh and goes till Rs. 76 Lakh. And gives a direct competition to Audi A6.

Lexus ES

Lexus is a Japanese car brand present in India. Its price in India starts from Rs. 56.65 Lakh and increases till Rs. 61.85 Lakh. Which is more affordable than other cars in this segment.

So, these are the three who are at war with each other in India.

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Dimensions of Audi A6 Sedan Car

Audi A6 Sedan is 4939 MM long and has a height of 1457 MM with a width of 1886 MM which makes it a King Size. It has a huge wheelbase of 2924 MM. If we talk to its curb weight, it is 1720 kg.

Audi A6 Interiors

Audi A6 973 MM Rare Headroom and 1054 MM Front headroom. We get a 1467 MM Front Shoulder Room and a 1436 MM Rare Shoulder Room. This makes the A6 Audi a complete luxury car.


What is the Audi A6 Mileage for diesel variant?

The Audi A6 comes with automatic transmission and gives an average mileage of 17.68 KM/L.

Which is the best luxury sedan in India?

Mercedes-Benz AMG A45 S is the most popular sedan car in India and according to the Ex-showroom rate, the Mercedes-Benz AMG A45 S Price in India begins from ₹ 79.5 Lakh.

Which is the most selling luxury car in India?

Mercedes is the all-time favorite luxury Car for the people of India capturing a 40% market share in total.

What is the mileage of a Jaguar?

The Automatic petrol engine of Jaguar XF mileage is 13.1 KM/L. And the automatic diesel engine Jaguar Mileage is 19.3 KM/L.

What is the price of an Audi A6 in Pakistan?

The Audi A6 available in Pakistan comes with Automatic transmission with a 7-speed gearbox. Only the petrol version is available and the Audi A6 Price in Pakistan is PRK 9,360,000.

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