MG6 X-Power Hybrid Sports Sedan Price In India, Specs, Launch, Mileage & More

The British Carmaker, MG Motor is planning to launch their MG6 X-Power hybrid sports-sedan soon on the Indian road. If the MG Hector Hybrid Sedan launched, the car can give you a mileage of around 13 KM/L on highways.

Let’s see the expected specifications about this Upcoming Car, MG6 X-Power hybrid sports-sedan. However, there are no updates available about MG6 Xpower expected price so far. But soon we will reveal the mg hector on road price and Morris Garages Price for ex-showroom of this upcoming Morris Garages X-Power MG6 car.

Meanwhile, keep on reading about their interior, exterior and other features.

MG 6 Xpower Specs – Engine And Transmission

A 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbocharged motor and an increased permanent magnet synchronous motor delivering 301bhp of power and 480Nm of torque will pack in high performance of MG Hector Hybrid Sports Sedan Car. This plug-in hybrid comes linked to a 10-speed gear, has rapid reflexes permitting a 0-100kmph sprint time of six seconds, and outstanding handling thanks to a well-calibrated chassis suspension.

The Upcoming Car MG6 XPower is equipped with a floating disc with the front and rear piston fixed callipers of 920E grade. MG Motor has actually said that the Brakes stop the car from 100 Kpml to zero in 33 meters.

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Feature of MG6 X-Power hybrid sports-sedan

MG6 X-Power Hybrid Sports-Sedan Price In India, Specs, Launch, Mileage & More

This new Morris Garage hector MG6 XPower has an ultra-large body design that ensures a dominant appearance on the road. It comes with an aerodynamic body kit, which defines properly the concept of XPower.

The car has elegant vertical grille, gigantic central MG symbol, stylish LED headlights and LED DRL. Other unique features also included large air intakes, a sculptured bumper, and carbon fibre front splitter.

Low-position design, crisp character lines, and a cut-like tapering roofline include a 2022 MG6 X Power Specs. The taillights are in an interesting X-shape at the back, which highlights the basic pattern of a car. It is equipped with sporty alloy wheels, double pneumatic diffusers, and carbohydrates.

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MG Hector Mileage

The new Morris Garages Hector Mileage for MG6 X-Power car will be around 13 kilometer per liter on the smooth Indian roads. However the MG6 XPower mileage will vary depends on your driving skill, road, servicing, and other criteria.

MG Hector Hybrid Interior – MG6 X-Power Hybrid Sports-Sedan

Speaking of the interior, the design is luxuriously furnished with contrasting stitches made up of green and grey highlights. The car has three-speed steering wheel which is enclosed in leather Alcantara. Premium continuation of the inside panels is the suede material with a velvety touch enclosed in high-end.

MG6 X-Power Hybrid Sports-Sedan Price In India, Specs, Launch, Mileage & More

The XPower MG6 is equipped with a wide black-out interior and XPower logo. Inner portal panels are covered with suede material, while Alcantara is fitted with a 3-speed multifunctional steering wheel. The display is packaged with a computerized driver and a ‘floating’ info-box. Some customization options are also available at the time of sale.

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The XPower MG6 MG Hector Hybrid car features a large-cap, a large barbecue with vertical layers, beautiful headlamps, a huge air dam, and an aggressive forehead splinter. Flanked by black-out B columns, strong body lines, and black-out wheels covered in CUP2 tires. The rear end is equipped with a carbon fibre spoiler, pneumatic diffusers, and backlights.

MG Hector On Road Price in India

As there is no any official notifications regarding the MG Hector Top Model Price, so you will need to hold the breathe. Please visit this page after some time to check Morris Garages Price in India for upcoming MG6 XPower Sports Sedan Car.

We will update the below list with the latest ex-showroom and MG Hector On Road Price in India.

City wise MG Hector Car Price in India

MG Hector On Road Price Bangalore
MG Hector On Road Price In Lucknow
MG Hector On Road Price In Mysore
MG Hector On Road Price In Vijayawada
MG Hector Plus Price In Patna
MG Hector Plus Price In Pune
MG Hector Price In Amritsar
MG Hector Price In Aurangabad
MG Hector Price In Bhopal
MG Hector Price In Bhubaneswar
MG Hector Price In Chennai
MG Hector Price In Dehradun
MG Hector Price In Gurgaon
MG Hector Price In Guwahati
MG Hector Price In Gwalior
MG Hector Price In Hyderabad
MG Hector Price In Indore
MG Hector Price In Jaipur
MG Hector Price In Jammu
MG Hector Price In Kanpur
MG Hector Price In Kerala
MG Hector Price In Kolkata
MG Hector Price In Ludhiana
MG Hector Price In Mumbai
MG Hector Price In Nagpur
MG Hector Price In Patna
MG Hector Price In Pune
MG Hector Price In Raipur
MG Hector Price In Ranchi
MG Hector Price In Surat
MG Gloster Price In Delhi


Thus, we have seen the highlight of Morris Garages MG6 XPower car. Stay with us for further updates of these cars as the company have not announced anything about MG6 X Power Sports Sedan Car, but they might start production in 2022.

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