Top 5 Upcoming Electric Cars in the USA

From the very first Benz motor to today’s fully automated hi-tech artificial intelligence-based cars of the Tesla automobile industry has come a long way. Various technical reforms and automation up gradations has enhanced the functionality and comfort experience of conveyance in Upcoming Electric Cars.

Innovation has always driven human beings to explore and invent something that was never experienced & seen before. In this series of (Cars Coming Out ) innovation, various top-notch automobile companies like Tesla, Maruti, Hyundai, Mercedes has vowed to hit the production of fully automated & electrified artificial intelligence-based SUVs.

It will completely deter the dependency of motor cars and other hybrid SUVs on petroleum products and other alternatives for nonrenewable resources of fuels.

Soon traditional diesel and petrol-guzzling cars will get obsolete, automobile companies are emphasizing sustainable development of technology i.e. technical up gradation without any sorts of harm to the environment by any means of pollution. Top-notch companies are about to hit the production of electric cars by the first quarter of the very next year.

Top 5 Much-Anticipated Upcoming Electric Cars


BMW iNEXT will add a feather to the cap of the automobile industry it will come with the new microprocessor-based artificial intelligence of boost and ease driving with about 400 hp engine & 200 miles on a single charge.


With the boost, the driving car can be driven in manual mode but with ease mode, you will be driven by the car i.e. car will operate on fully automatic mode.

2] Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Image

This Best Upcoming Electric Car will be launched with a 5-seater car along with a gull-wing door and engine having a capacity of 402hp. Its price is not yet disclosed in the market.

3] PoleStar 2

PoleStar 2 Image

Pole Star 2 will also be launched with a 5-seater capacity. The heavy-duty lithium-ion battery will be used for the mileage of about 275 miles per charge.

4] GMC Hummer

GMC Hummer Image

Equipped with 1000 horsepower engine, along with removable roof panel, quick charging & extremely durable body of stainless steel.

5] Tesla Cyber

A much-anticipated one of the new Upcoming Electric Cars from Tesla as the brand is famous for its innovation and uniqueness armor glass and dent-proof body will be the special feature of this electric car.

Fuel has always been a major concern for cars. Lithium-ion battery with heavy-duty and compatibility will be installed for better mileage, according to the companies, a quick charging facility, and the power-saving feature will be installed in the SMPS unit.


Arguably these Electric Vehicles will bring revolution in the field of the automobile but some of the concerns which should be considered are; innovation should always cope with the economic standard of the major population of the world and should be eco-friendly.

Because it’s quite evident that before this sort of launch, various other SUVs had been launched but they failed to hold the market owing to their high charges and maintenance cost. So, companies will have to take care while deciding the price.

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