Shocking Facts Of Mongols MC Motorcycle Club

Mongols MC Motorcycle is a club involved in criminal activities like gang wars, drug deals, and human trafficking. Mongols Motorcycles (Mongols MC) have been a fixture on the biker market since 1969, when the club was founded in Montebello, California. The group consists of 1200 members in the USA. Mongols Motorcycle Club also keeps patches dealing with money laundering or murder.

Although, if you are searching for shocking facts about the Mongols MC motorcycle, this article is for you.

History Of Mongols Motorcycle

Mongols Motorcycle was named after Bell Garden, who arrived at a rally in Santa Ana in 2019. The history of this motorcycle is as interesting as the Mongols Club formed on 1969 December 5 in California, USA.

  • Six hundred bikers Fitsrom various clubs showed interest in support of the Mongols.
  • But now, it holds a federal court case for wearing their club patches.
  • Criminal activities are involved in these motorcycles like operations- black rain, robbery, human trafficking, etc. 
  • The Mongols MC motorcycles club ruled for about 5 years.
  • Finally, these motorcycles are not seen as the club has been suspended.

What Is The Motto/Color Of Mongols MC?

The patch of Mongols MC club consists of Harley Davidson motorcycles. The color is white and black. They used the MFFM logo, which means Mongols Forever Forever Mongol. This is very common among outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Some Shocking Facts About Mongols Motorcycle Club

Mongols Motorcycle Club is also called a One-percenter club in general. Some shocking facts about this club are-

1] Formed 50 Years Ago

Mongols MC club was formed 50 years ago with 2000 members or bikers. This club was established with the rivals of Hell Angels Motorcycle Club. But, they made up for brutality and tenacity in those periods.

2] Encounter Countless Problems With Law

Any usual motorcycle club runs with the issue of law for trivial things like bar fights, but the Mongols MC motorcycle club proved just the opposite of what normal humans would think. They have been given 270 arrest warrants for their deeds.

3] Fined Up To $ 500,000

Mongols Motorcycle Club were fined $ 500000 for their wrong deed by a judge. This club has a long history of violence like murder attempts, murder, or drug issues. Finally, the club came back and accepted the entire case.

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4] Made Dollars Through Illegal Activities

Mongols MC stole millions of motorcycles from human trafficking and drug deals, which made dollars in large. Initially, the criminal activities came back with the election of David Santillan as the club president in 2015. 

5] Have Their Intelligence Agency

Mongols MC club has its intelligence agency. They said to wear their dress code designed by them, entering any time, punishing or doing crimes. Mongols’ national president, Ruban, said to the military bikers.

6] Chapters In Different Countries

You find different chapters of Mongols Clubs in Australia, Denmark, Germany, and several others. But it originally came from the United States, showing brotherhood with the coded language used by them.

Eventually, the existence of the club almost moved back due to several people being arrested at the time.

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At the end of this article, you know about the Mongols MC, whose existence came into extinction. Also, many motorcycle clubs came into existence with the decline of these clubs as sons of silence, Bandidos motorcycle club, Vagos motorcycle club, etc. Overall, to get other information about Mongols MC Motorcycles, go through YouTube.