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Best Renault New Car Price In India

Renault or Régie Nationale Des Usines Renault is a French automobile company. It is also a motor carrier manufacturer and controlled by French Government. Renault is the largest exporter and manufacturer of motor vehicles in France. The headquarters of Renault is in Boulogne-Billancourt. The company will launch 8 Renault New Car in the year 2022, whereas Renault Zoe, Renault K-ZE, and Renault Arkana are about to launch soon with the price of Rs. 8.00 Lakh, Rs. 10.00 Lakh, and Rs. 10.00 Lakh, respectively.

Here we are going to give a glimpse to you about the 3 top models of Renault’s new car launch in India 2022. Keep on reading to know all about Renault Arkana Price in India, Mileage, Specifications, speed, and more. Also, the list includes Renault Car 2022 price in India for other models that is Renault Zoe and Renault K-ZE with full details.

Renault Arkana Price in India, Mileage, Features, Launch Date

Renault Arkana Price, Mileage, Speed, Specifications, Image, Features

Renault’s new car, Renault Arkana is 5 seater SUV, a crossover, and a coupe vehicle with 4 cylinders.  In the coupe-crossover range, there are three modifications to this engine. Whereas, the front-wheel drive, and a five-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive, and a variator, six-speed “mechanics” and four-wheel drive.

The engine of Renault Arkana is 1493 CC available with a manual transmission. It will be a Diesel car because the fuel type will be diesel only.

According to the recent information through various sources, Renault Arkana will be available in red color. 

Renault New Car Arkana Price in India & Launch Date

The Renault Arkana Price in India can cost you around Rs.10,00,000. Renault Arkana Mileage is not revealed till now as this SUV car is still awaiting launch in October 2022.

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Renault Zoe Price in India, Features, Specifications

Renault Zoe Price, Mileage, Speed, Specifications, Image, Features

The upcoming electric Car Renault Zoe is a 5 seaters EV with a Hatchback body. According to the information through various sources, Renault Zoe will be available in Blue color. Whereas the transmission of Zoe, the upcoming Renault car will be automatic.

New Renault Zoe Quick Features

  • Power will be 179.69 BHP.
  • Maximum Torque – 245 Nm
  • Maximum Power will be 179.69 bhp.
  • The length and width of the car will be 4087 and 1945 respectively.
  • The height of the New Renault Zoe car 2022 will be 1562 MM and Wheel Base will be 2500 MM.

This upcoming Renault new car launch is expected by 2022. And an estimated Renault Zoe price in India will be around Rs.8 Lakh.

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Renault K-ZE Price in India, Specifications, Features

Renault K-ZE Price, Mileage, Speed, Specifications, Image, Features

Renault K-ZE is going to be a 5 seater car and the body type is Hatchback. With an automatic transmission, the upcoming four-wheeler Renault K-ZE 2022 is loaded with a comfortable sitting and riding experience.

Additional Features 

  • Maximum Torque will be 125 Nm.
  • The length of the car will be 3735 MM.
  • The width of the car will be 1579 MM.
  • The height of the car will be 1515 MM.
  • The wheelbase of the new Renault K-ZE car will be 2423 MM.

The Renault K-ZE Price in India can start from Rs. 10 lakh. As the Renault new car launch date for K-ZE is expected by December 2022, we will share more details about this upcoming vehicle once after launching in the market.

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Other upcoming cars are Renault Clio, Renault Laguna, Renault Sandero, Renault Scenic, Renault Duster Turbo. The price of Renault’s new car Renault Clio will be Rs. 7 lakh while the Renault Laguna price in India will be around Rs.15 lakh. The price of Renault Sandero will be Rs. 6 lakh while the price of Renault Scenic can cost you Rs.8 lakh. At the same, the Renault Duster Turbo Price in India might cost you Rs. 13 Lakh.

We will keep you updated about all the upcoming vehicles and Renault’s new car 2022. Meanwhile, you can see other popular cars from big brands like Kia, Toyota, Audi, Tesla, BMW, Volkswagon, Morris Garage, and more.

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