Mumbai BEST Double Decker Electric Bus Spied Ahead Of Debut

Mumbai BEST Double Decker Electric Bus Spied Ahead Of Debut

Today the world comprises a wide variety of vehicles that run across various routes in the form of trains, buses, cars, motorcycles, and more. The Double Decker Electric Bus is one of the best innovations to ease people’s traveling in a large way. You mostly find double-decker buses in Mumbai by their iconic red color with the upcoming 900 double-decker buses. These buses ran through drivers by diesel or electric. The electric double-decker bus in Mumbai has just spied Ahead of its Debut because it reduces pollution to make India clean.

So, if you are searching for the BEST double-decker electric bus in Mumbai, this article is best for you.

What Is The BEST Double Decker Electric Bus In Mumbai

The double-decker electric bus for Mumbai’s BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport) introduced 900 double-decker buses. This information is given by switch and is known for its mobility solutions that run on clean energy in the city. These buses are fully electric, plying over various routes of the city.

In the current position, BEST offers city rides to 32 lakh passengers per day with a fleet of 3500 buses.

Switch Double Decker Electric Bus In Mumbai

BEST has planned to bring Mumbai as Switch, which has introduced various electric motors, and the electric double-decker bus is the top innovation by the company. Although this bus was formally in use, the new iconic red double-decker bus is awesome. This brings back the life of Mumbai in the form of electric vehicles.

Switch double-decker electric buses in Mumbai have given a new way of transportation to different areas of Maharashtrian cities.

Moreover, the new Double Decker Electric Bus is different from the old model. The external body, along with the inner guest in the bus, is changed. This bus ran 240 KM from the single payment with HVAC turned on.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Switch Double Decker Electric Bus?

You have a lot of features and specs related to this bus when you travel on the routes of Mumbai. Some of the important characteristics of this bus are-

  • You will find that the metrodecker comes with 2 variants named, the first as MD10,500, which is 10,500mm long and has a 5,350 MM wheelbase.
  • The second variant is MD11,140 is 11,140 MM long with a 6,000 MM wheelbase. Both the variants are 2500 MM wide along with 4310 mm tall.
  • One of the interesting facts is that MD10 can seat up to 63 people, whereas MD11 can seat up to 84 people.
  • The powertrain comprises a tremendous 325 kWh battery storage capacity of peak power of 335 bhp.
  • Another peak torque check at 0 RPM is around 22,000 Nm.
  • Initially, the motor axle of the electric bus is sourced at AVE130.
  • Talking about the battery, if depleted, it takes over 6 hours to fully charge with a 44 kW AC charger.
  • The top speed of the BEST double-decker electric bus is around 85 KM/h.


At the end of this article, you knew about the BEST Double Decker Electric Bus and various features of this upcoming bus in Mumbai. The latest bus would serve the people from September onwards but instead of testing the ride of the bus, it has been spotted on the routes of Maharashtra. Moreover, enjoy the new journey if you ever visit Mumbai and have fun.

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