Does Toyota Motorcycle Exist? Let’s Know The Quick Facts

Does Toyota Motorcycle Exist? Let’s Know The Quick Facts

Hey! If you are a fond lover of bikes, then you have to know all about Toyota motorcycles. We all know that Toyota is a big Japanese brand of cars and also very popular all over the world. Toyota motorcycles seem to be imaginary because Toyota has not publicly announced the launch of any motorcycle. That’s why so many people are not aware of whether any kind of Toyota motorcycle exists or not.

So, let’s start to discuss all the important topics related to the Toyota motorcycle, which will confirm whether it is available or not.

Previous Plans Of Toyota For Bikes

Many years ago, there was a subsidiary bike of Toyota that was known as “Toyo motors”, but now it is not available because its production has been stopped. After a long time, in the year 2009, Toyota exhibited its motorcycle at the SEMA show. It is a concept motocross bike that is produced in association with Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross (JGRMX).

Let’s discuss both variants of Toyota motorcycles which were previously produced by Toyota Motors.  

Toyo Motors

According to “ride apart”, Toyo motors was a subordinate bike company of Toyota motors, which was founded by “Kazuo Kawamata” in 1942 when he discovered the “Bismotor engine” for bicycles for the first time. Before this, he was working with Toyota motors. 

After the world wars, there was a high demand for Toyo motors in Japanese people to reach their home places. So, at that time, Toyo motors were a great option for them because it’s low price and reliability of Toyota motors. That is why its growth was good, and it was in high demand at that time.

According to the report of the “ride apart,” it is stated that in the year 1952, the production rate was high for Toyo motors. It produced 10,000 units per year. But when people became aware that it was not Toyotas’ product, they stopped purchasing because of its reliability issues.

Toyota JGR/Toyota Motocross Concept Bike

In the year 2009, SEMA showed Toyota introducing a concept motocross bike in association with JGRMX. It is a sports bike with several specifications like it was light in weight and it has a polished frame. The body panel of that bike was carbon fiber and a lightweight carbon fiber muffler. 

The wheels of that bike were light in weight, and it had an extra grip that could be driven on rough tracks or roads. The bike was furnished with titanium and exotic metals and many more features of it that made it complete. But recently, it is not available, and there is no other information about this motorcycle from the company side.


We have discussed all the details about Toyota motorcycles; we also viewed its previous models and learned about it where we get the point that there is not any motorcycle existing of Toyota motors. But it is not the end of the topic. Maybe Toyota planned to surprise their customer, but in recent times it has been confirmed that there is no Toyota motorcycle available in the market. Hope this content is beneficial for you and you will get perfect information.

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