Top 18 Best Electric Scooter Brands In India

Top Best Electric Scooter Brands In India

Electric scooters are pollution-free and good for the environment. Electric vehicle maintenance cost is not very high as compared to a petrol vehicle. There are plenty of electric scooter brands in India that are contributing to making the environment clean and providing budget-friendly two-wheeler options to working people and students.

There are many kinds of electric scooters available in India. A few quick mentions are Ola S1, TVS iQube Electric, and Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450X, Revolt RV400, Aura electric scooter, BMW electric scooter, and more. So let’s see what all these electric scooter companies in India are offeringto meet the demands of e-vehicle as per the current trends.

List Of Top 18 Electric Scooter Brands In India

There are a plethora of electric scooter companies in India that are opening the wings to manufacture ergonomic riding vehicles for the middle class to higher class people. We look in detail further, the Electric Scooter Price, features, mileage, speed, and other details that are being offered by the top EV manufacturing brands like Tata electric scooter, Mahindra Electric Scooter, ola electric scooter, etc.

Hero Electric Scooter

Hero is a big brand in making two-wheelers. Since its establishment in the year 1956, Hero is holding a large customers base in the Indian and overseas markets. Some hero electric scooters are Hero Electric Optima HX, Hero Electric Photon Hx, Hero Electric NYX HX, Hero Electric Optima LX, etc.

Ola Electric Scooter

There is one variant of the Ola Electric Scooter i.e Ola S1. It is available in 5 colors. Ola S1 on road price in India starts from ₹ 1,06,156. Its riding range is 121 KM. The speed of the Ola electric scooter is 90 Kmph and Battery charging time is 5 hours with a rated power of 5500 W and a seat height of 792 MM.

Ola S1 Pro Price In India - Best Electric Scooter Mileage

Aprilia Electric Scooter

There are 5 kinds of Aprilia scooters in the market and Rs. 90,405 (Aprilia Storm 125) is the starting price. Whereas the Aprilia SXR 160 price is the highest amount with Rs.1.27 Lakh in the Best Electric Scooter Segments.

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Pure Electric Scooter

Pure EV ETrance NEO Price in India, Mileage, Backup & Specifications

It is also a good brand deals in making electric vehicles. A few mentions are PURE EV Electric, EPluto 7G ETrance NEO, etc. These scooters have a mileage range between 90 to 120 km per charge.

Honda Electric Scooter

Honda is a big 2 wheelers brand and it makes electric Scooters as well. A few mentions of Honda electric scooters are Honda PCX Electric, Honda Activa Electric, etc.

Optima Electric Scooter

Optima is consistently getting a good response from the Indian market. The Electric Optima Plus is a lightweight scooter available at a price of Rs. 36,037 and weighs 86 Kg only.

Piaggio Electric Scooter

Piaggio makes Vespa Elettrica. Piaggio ONE scooter was unveiled and viewed Recently in a motor show at Beijing.

Mahindra Electric Scooter

Mahindra is best known for manufacturing four-wheelers. But it is not a wonder that they are also dealing in electric scooters to give a reliable and inexpensive riding experience to the India customers.

The first electric scooter made by Mahindra is GenZe 2.0.

Ather Electric Scooter

Ather electric scooter price is Rs 1.13 Lakh (the lowest price). Ather 450X is an expensive scooter. Its the price is 1.32 lakh.

Okinawa Electric Scooter

Okinawa makes user-friendly electric scooters. The battery charge efficiency of the scooter is up to the mark. The range is 150-200 KMs per charge, and the charging time of the battery is 1-2 hours.

Suzuki Electric Scooter

Electric scooters of Suzuki are prevalent in the market. Suzuki Scooter’s Ex-showroom prices are between ₹1 lakh to ₹1.20 lakh. Suzuki Access Electric, First Suzuki, Suzuki Burgman are some examples of Suzuki electric scooters.

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Benling Electric Scooter

Benling aura electric scooter is very popular these days. That gives a period of battery warranty is 3 years. Benling aura electric scooter price in India will cost you around Rs. 73000.

Ampere Electric Scooter

Ampere is a popular brand in producing electric scooters. There are 6 models of Ampere which are being REO, Magnus EX, Magnus Pro, etc. The starting price of the Ampere electric scooter is Rs. 40,101.

Tvs Electric Scooter

There are many bikes and TVs electric scooters are available in the market. For example – TVS iQube is a famous electric scooter made by the top bike manufacturer in India. Its on-road price starts from Rs. ₹ 1,26,172.

Ketron Electric Scooter

Ketron is one of the prominent brands which make two-wheelers. Ketron G190 LX, Ketron GT 90 VX, Ketron G 190 vx are a few mentions of popular Ketron Electric scooters.

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Tata Electric Scooter

Tata is a huge brand in the production of four-wheelers and commercial vehicles. It makes good quality electric scooters that are available in the Indian market.

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Simple Energy Electric Scooter

Simple One electric scooter was launched by Simple energy. The ex-showroom price of the Simple One electric scooter is Rs. 1,09,999 in (Bangalore).

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Yamaha Electric Scooter

Yamaha is a big brand in making motorcycles and Yamaha EC-05 is an electric scooter. The battery is made from 18650 Lithium and gives a mileage of 110 Km per charge. The Yamaha Electric Scooter Price in India may cost you ₹ 270.838. It takes a full charging time of 2.5 hours and Yamaha EC-05 produces a power of 6.4 kW.

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Wrapp Up – Electric Scooter Brands In India

There are various electric scooter brands in India. Big brands deals in making electric vehicles are Ather Energy, Bajaj Auto, Yo bikes, Ampere, TVS Motor Company, Helo Electric, Okinawa Autotech, Ultra Violette AutoMotive, Gemopai Electric, BMW Motorrad, Ola Electric, Simple Energy, Okaya Electric, RR Global.

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If you are planning to buy an electric scooter in India for yourself, you must check for the configuration, expected mileage, top speed, and other essential features.

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