Everything You Need To Know About Tron Motorcycle

Everything You Need To Know About Tron Motorcycle

The Tron bike is a visionary idea of an artist named Daniel Simon, but the credit goes to the “Parker Brother” who used to turn this dream into reality. They used the blued prints of their concepts and worked on them. They first tried on Suzuki 996 CC V- Twin engines, but after that, they followed the electric concept and made an electric bike named Xenon which has two variants, and today Tron Motorcycle price is $55,000 in the market.

Is a Tron Motorcycle Real?

Tron bike was first seen in the Walt Disney movie TRON: Legacy in the year 2010, produced by Sean Bailey and directed by Joseph Kosinski. In the movie, it is seen that there is a bike that is made with light, and the parts of the bike are made by bending laser lights which is not possible in real life. It is an imaginary idea of the artist, whose name is Daniel Simon. So, we can say that the Tron motorcycle is an imaginary concept.

But now it is available in the market with its two variants, and you can also book it because it is legal on the road. The model which is available in the market is not made with light, but it is an electric vehicle with variable features and functions. Let’s have a discussion about what you need to know about the Tron bikes.

Features and Functions of the Tron Bikes

The best feature of this bike is that it will take 3 hours for complete charging and can drive at the speed of 70 mph. The company has introduced a recent version of it by improving its features and named it NeuTron. The recent version of it has upgraded body parts with new A/C induction motor and lithium ions battery packs, and other specialties.

The NeuTron has the best quality specifications that make it amazing, and people feel that they are using the real Tron bike. It has electroluminescent strips on its rims and aero carbon fiber around its steel chassis; the machines and the spare parts of this bike are under the giant metallic body, which is made with glass and fiber. The look of this bike is fantastic, and it has a single seat.

Wrap Up

So, we are in the last phase and hope you will understand and get perfect clarifications about the Tron motorcycle. So, if you are planning for a Tron motorcycle, then this article is best for you to provide each important data that you need to know about it. Here we have defined the features and functions of the bike that help you to get an extraordinary Tron bike. So, if you are planning to purchase this motorcycle, then want to let you know that this is available, and you can purchase it on your condition and can ride it because it is legal to ride.

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