Joe Biden’s Unique Car Collection

Joe Biden’s first car was a 1951 Studebaker Champion. worth around $20,000 (£14,790).

Studebaker production line, were some of the first cars to be produced after World War II.

his motor features a 2.8-litre engine producing 85 horsepower

Biden’s second car was a 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook Convertible

This classic car featured a split windshield and a six-cylinder flathead engine

which produced 97-horsepower.

As Biden got older, his car collection undoubtedly grew and another vehicle he added to the collection was a Mercedes-Benz 190SL.

This two door luxury roadster is equipped with a 1.9 L straight-four SOHC engine that produces 104 horsepower.

The “SL” in the name stands for “Super Leicht”.

The car closest to Biden’s heart, and a motor that still sits in his garage today is a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, finished in a glorious Goodwood-Green.

As Joe Biden is now officially the 46th President of the United States, he will now be chauffeured around for his safety. His new presidential ride is likely to be the official state car known as “The Beast”

This vehicle is a unique Cadillac limousine said to be worth around 👇🏻