Tesla History Upcoming Tesla Models

The history of tesla motors is incredible. In 2003, tesla was founded with the idea to produce an electric sports car. Elon Musk is the man who runs this company. Initially, the company started with a sports car which was a pretty brave and smart move. There are a variety of models that tesla has launched so far and many upcoming tesla models are yet to be launched.

Tesla Introduced The SUV Model

The first Tesla Roadster was launched in 2008 which was pretty expensive than that people thought. Followed by model S the next car that Tesla produced in the year 2012. Then the SUV model X was introduced which was pretty much the same as model S in terms of design. A lot of Tesla’s upcoming models are yet to launch. It has been expected that Tesla Upcoming Cars may arrive soon in the market.

Why Tesla Is Best In The Market?

Tesla Electric Cars are the best in the current market. Tesla electric sports car with multiple features and makes sure to provide all the comforts to their customer. Customers are king, if you can satisfy safety to your customer, they focus more on safety followed by the Design and performance of the car.

Benefits, Quality, And Safety Measure Of Tesla Cars

  • Tesla car is one of the safest cars in the market and it has features that can minimize the chances of an accident.
  • It provides awesome visibility and the super cool and bid backup camera is just amazing.
  • The quality of driving is just marvelous, so smooth and powerful. The acceleration part is the coolest part to measure the driving quality.
  • The design and looks are the added advantage. Truly a piece of artwork that looks pretty and beautiful. 
  • Fuel free car, you just need to charge the car at home or a charging station. At some point, supercharging is required which is cheap and won’t cost you much. This Is the real benefit of Electric Vehicles
  • In terms of space in the car, it is just too easy for you to give 10 on 10 without giving a 2nd though, there is a lot of space in the car for the luggage and other stuff.

Models that Tesla has launched so far

Many more Tesla Upcoming Cars are yet to arrive but before that let’s see what Tesla has produced so far.

  1. Tesla Model S launched in the year 2012 and since then a different version of these models has been introducing. It operates All Wheel Drive and acceleration is super powerful.
Tesla Model S Image

2. Tesla Model 3 was launched in 2016 with extra powerful batteries in single or dual motors.

Tesla Model 3 Images

3. Tesla Model X, the first SUV model company has launched with the unique feature of rear wing doors in September 2015.

4. Tesla Model Y is another SUV model that was launched in March 2019. This model is the highest-selling record and a pretty popular model amongst all models.

Latest and upcoming Tesla cars

Upcoming Tesla Models will be launched soon this year. Another version of Tesla Model X will be launched in 2021 and most probably Model 3 will be launched in 2022. Besides these models, there are other models of Tesla cars that will also be launched in a few years such as model Y and Tesla Cybertruck.

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