Tesla Model 3 Price In India, Release Date, Mileage, Speed, Specs

Tesla Car manufacture complies Tesla Model 3 electric sedan got three variant of standard plus, long-range and performance. Comes up with awesome features like a 15-inch touch screen infotainment system available in online updates. 14-speaker audio system, 12-way power-adjustable heated front seats, tinted sunroof, and two charging ports with wireless. But we are not sure tesla will include these features when they launch a car in India. Let’s see Tesla Model 3 Price In India, Specifications, Dimensions, Variants, their competitors and more at RashGear.

Performance of Tesla Model 3 Car

Standard plus variant of tesla car can reach 100 KM/h in 5.3 seconds, standard plus top speed is 225kmph and long-range capable of reach 100 KM/h in 4.2seconds, long-range top speed is 233 kmph and performance variant of tesla can reach 100 KM/h in just 3.1seconds, performance top speed is 260kmph.

Upcoming Car 2021 Tesla can offer two battery packs 50 KWh and 75 KWh respectively, with a full charge of battery. The Standard plus car will run for 420 KM, the long-range car will run for 560 KM and the performance car will run for 501 KM.

Variants of Tesla Model 3 with Specification

Tesla Car Model 3 is an electric vehicle powered by three electric powertrain options: standard plus having rear while drive-train and other two variants of tesla are powered by a double-motor all-wheel-drive setup.

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Dimension and Capacity of Tesla Model 3 Cars

Tesla Model 3 Price In India, Release Date, Mileage, Speed, Specs
Width2085 MM
Seating CapacityFive
Wheel Base2875 MM
Front Tread1575 MM
Rear Tread1575 MM
No of DoorsFour

Tesla Model 3 Price In India and Launch Date

The Upcoming Tesla Model 3 car is expected to release in December 2021. The price of a Tesla car in India is 60 to 70 lakhs approximately. According to the source, firstly, the Standard plus variant of the Model 3 Car will launch soon by Tesla Motors and the rest two variants of tesla will release lately. Stay with Rash Gear for further updates.

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Possible Rivals or Competitor for Model 3 Tesla Car 2021

  • Mercedes Benz E-Class
  • Audi A6
  • BMW 5 Series
  • Volvo S90

Features of Tesla Model 3 Cars

Tesla cars don’t include any entertainment and communication features like DVD player, radio, audio system and speakers, and so on. Tesla Car include a feature like forwarding collision warning, emergency braking on front and rear, assist for lane keeping, pedestrian detection, and autopilot and more,

One of the coolest features of Upcoming Tesla Cars is you can pull out cars in parking spot the tesla smart summons function work on a smartphone app, to use this feature, you got to be near 200 feet within car area, features do not recognize sidewalks and other cars nearby so watch out while you pulling the car.

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