Kia Soul Price in India

In this article, you’ll come to know about top Upcoming Kia Cars 2021, Price, Expected launch date and other details. The South-Korean Multi-national car manufacture company produces premium, luxury & stylish cars. Soon after launching in India and the USA, it became one of the most popular cars selling company around the globe.

Kia Cars will bewilder USA customers with a new release in different models like SUV and others. According to Kia Motors India, Indian roads will get different models of cars like Kia Sorento, Rio and others. Whereas, the USA roads will find different types of car models like SUV, Sports, Sedan and others.

Kia Upcoming Cars in USA 2021

In the USA, this car producing brand will release as many cars in different car segments like SUV. Let’s see the details of Kia cars in different segments that are about to launch in the USA are follows:

1. New Kia SUV Model in 2021

In the SUV/Crossovers segment, 5 different cars are coming in 2021. The Kia upcoming cars with expected Kia On-Road Price are mentioned below:

Kia Soul Price in India
  1. Soul- USD 17590
  2. Seltos- USD 21990
  3. Sportage- USD 24090
  4. Sorento- USD 29390
  5. Telluride- USD 32190

2. Kia Sedan Cars to be Release in 2021

Kia Upcoming Cars in USA 2021 will launch 4 sedans. The premium, luxury and well-designed sedan cars with expected Kia On-Road Price are:

  1. Rio- $15850
  2. Forte- $17890
  3. Kia K5– $23590
  4. Stinger- $33090

3. Hybrid/Electric Kia Upcoming Cars 2021

This multi-national company also produces some eco-friendly cars. In 2021, Kia Cars are planning to release a single car in this section.

Upcoming Hybrid/Electric Car is Sorento Hybrid and it’s on road price will falls around 33590 Dollars.

4. Kia Upcoming Cars 2021 in Minivans Section

Apart from SUV, Sedan and Electric cars, Minivan is new in the list coming in 2021. The Upcoming Kia Cars in 2021 in minivans is Sedona which might cost around US $30400.

Kia Upcoming Cars in India 2021

The Upcoming Cars Kia 2021 in India with an expected price and a release date is explained in this section. In India, Kia is releasing 11-Seater Kia Car. This car is among most awaited cars. It is well-designed and given style for the bigger family.

The Kia Price in India added along with the different coming soon cars. Kia Cars compete against other trusted car brand in India like Mahindra, MG and others. This premium and luxury car-brand has proven its trust and position in the Indian Car Market.

The Top 8 Upcoming Kia Cars 2021 in India

Kia Stinger

In India, the premium and the best-designed car is Kia Stinger. Its on-road price would be Indian Rupees 50 Lakh. It is expected to launch in April 2021.

Kia Sportage

The Indian cars customers will be able to purchase this sporty car by April of 2021. Sportage Kia Price in India

 is INR 25 Lakh (Expected).

Kia Xceed

The features and functions installed in this car are justified by the name of the car. Among the Upcoming Kia Cars 2021, Kia Xceed will hit Indian road by June of 2021. The expected price of the Kia Xceed is 20 Lakhs in INR.

Kia Sorento

Sorento is equipped with the latest technology of odometer, gearbox and others. This car manufacturing brand will stun the millions of customers with the release of this car in August of 2021. It expected on-road price is INR 25 Lakhs.

Kia Rio

Among many Kia Upcoming Cars in India 2021, the Kia Rio will be launched in August Month of 2021. Kia Rio is one of the simplest designed middle-class family car. The expected price of this car is around INR 8 Lakhs only.

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is most awaiting car in both India and USA. Its expected price in the USA and India is different. In India, Kia On-Road Price is around INR 10 Lakhs. The official release of the car is mid of the October month of 2022.

Kia Carnival

Unlike other Social-Utility Vehicle (SUV) Kia Cars, Kia Carnival is an 11-Seater Kia Car. For families of more than 6 members, it is available in the Indian market by March of 2022. Its expected price is around INR 9 Lakh.

Kia Picanto

Apart from others, it is one of the cheapest cars in Kia. You can easily afford this brand car with a minimum expected on-road price of INR 7 Lakhs. You’ll be able to buy it in the December Month of 2021.

Most popular Kia Cars

Kia K5 is one of the world’s most popular cars so far. You can see the complete details like Kia k5 price in India, Kia k5 launch date in India, Kia k5 on road price and more at RashGear Kia Cars section.


In this article, you got to know about Top 17+ Kia Upcoming Cars in India 2021 & USA 2021. The expected price as well as the expected launching date of several Kia cars are also discussed above.

Just select your most suitable Kia car and contact to the nearest Kia Car India Showroom or USA showroom. To get more information about the Upcoming Cars Kia India or Kia cars USA or other Upcoming Vehicles 2021, keep visiting RashGear.

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