Upcoming K5 Kia Optima Price in India

All-new Kia K5 Optima INDIA Price – K5 Kia Specs

Kia K5 India gets a sharp and sporty design with traditional Kia elements like the Tiger Nose grille. Let’s see the details about Kia K5 Price in India, Kia K5 Launch Date in India, Kia K5 Optima India specs, cost, launch date and other information on upcoming Kia K5 Car.

Kia K5 Optima Specifications

It is expected to be offered with a 1.6-liter turbo-petrol and a 2.5-liter NA petrol engine. Kia is likely to showcase the premium sedan at Auto Expo 2020. After countless teasers and design sketches, Kia Motors has released images of the production-spec 2021 Optima sedan.

It is also known as the Kia K5 in South Korea. Kia’s take on the Skoda Superb, Hyundai Sonata, Volkswagen Passat and the Honda Accord is set to be revealed globally in December.

Kia K5 Price in India

If we talk about Kia Optima Price in India, then it can cost you around 16 Lakhs INR. RashGear are keep tracking the updates on Kia K5 Optima Price, expected launch date and it’s specifications. And we hope to share ex-showroom and on-road Kia K5 Price in India 2021 with you shortly. 

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Pros & Cons of Kia K5 Optima Car

Pros of Kia K5

  • It has a beautiful interior and exterior as well.
  • Several features at an affordable price
  • Best Kia Sedan for family traveling
  • A powerful engine to increase the life of Kia Car.

Cons of Kia Cars

  • Kia K5 GT Price in India will be affordable but the GT features can overpower the Kia Optima K5 front tires.
  • For small height person, it feels that the Kia K5 Optima driver seat is placed at a bit height. 

Kia K5 Launch Date in India

For a couple of years, car lovers are waiting for Kia K5 India Launch but due to some circumstances, the company is post-ponding the Kia Optima Launch Date In India.

We are also eagerly waiting to hear the final Kia Optima K5 Launch Date In India

. And hopefully, the company should answer the top asked question i.e. “When Will Kia K5 Launch In India” in near future. 

Don’t worry, we will keep you updated about the Kia K5 Optima Launch Date In India 2021. As soon as we get some authentic information from Kia Car Manufacturer, we will share all about Kia K5 Release Date in India in details. 

Kia K5 Optima in India – Detailed Review 

Kia Optima K5 India – Different Variants

Optima Kia K5 price in India
  • The very first one is Kia Optima LX model. And this Kia K5 Price in India will cost you around $24,500.
  • Another model is Kia Optima LXS, and it’s price will around $25,685.
  • Next model is GT-Line & Kia K5 GT Price in India is around $26,500.
  • The Fourth model is Kia Optima K5 Ex and it might cost you around $29,000.
  • Kia K5 Optima GT model will cost you less than $32,000.

Final Verdict

Will Kia bring it to India to expand its portfolio? Well, it’s unlikely to come anytime soon as the Korean carmaker already has the Grand Carnival MPV and a compact SUV codenamed the QYI in the pipeline.

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